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Each time we’ve looked at “The Green Lantern: New Guardians” series, we’ve seen Kyle Rayner master a different aspect of the emotional spectrum.

The blue healing light of hope, the destructive red fires of rage and the deadly yellow energy of fear. Today, Kyle takes on his greatest challenge yet: mastering the orange light of avarice.

The Orange Lantern powers are the most unique of any of the other colored lanterns because the orange light is powered by greed, it works best when wielded by only one entity.

In this case, it’s the insane rat-like cave dwelling alien creature known only as Larfleeze.

Comic Column

Comic Column

 Once a simple space pirate, Larfleeze and his crew discovered the only existing Orange Lantern power battery. When they tried to take it for themselves, the power of the lantern poisoned each of their minds and forced them to fight over it.

Larfleeze ultimately proved to be the greediest and was transformed into one of the most feared beings in the entire galaxy.

Larfleeze may be alone, and not exceptionally bright, but he has the deadly ability to capture the identity of any being he kills and turn them into a soulless construct that exists only to serve their insane master.

During a catastrophic event known as The Blackest Night, Larfleeze joined forces with representatives of the other colors of the emotional spectrum, but only in exchange for one of the Guardians of the Universe, the founders of the Green Lantern Corps, to act as his slave.

Now Kyle Rayner seeks to master the orange light of avarice, and Larfleeze isn’t the sharing type.

The comic opens with The Third Army, creatures created by the now insane Guardians of the Universe, purging the galaxy of all emotion and independent thought.

Later, we see Rayner, the Star Sapphire, Carol Ferris and Arkillo the Yellow Lantern flying towards Okaara, Larfleeze’s stronghold. Kyle is reluctant about mastering this ability, as he’s never seen himself as a greedy person.

Larfleeze knows why they have come, but has no intention of sharing his power with Rayner. Carol tries to persuade Larfleeze, but only manages to anger him, causing him to attack Rayner. Though Rayner is powerful, Larfleeze and his army of constructs manage to overwhelm him.

Rayner is on the ropes as The Third Army attacks. He finally puts aside his doubts and reaches into the Orange Lantern.

He gains mastery over its power but in turn succumbs to the intoxicating effects. With Kyle consumed by his own amplified greed, the Third Army overwhelms the others.

When the monsters consume Sayd, Larfleeze’s guardian slave, Raynor snaps out of it and retreats, swearing to put an end to the evil of the guardians once and for all.

This is a good issue of this series, but I would have liked to see a bit more of the humor Larfleeze has been known for in the past. He’s usually one of those characters who can make you laugh while still being threatening, much like The Joker.

Rayner’s reluctance to master avarice is in keeping with his character but still feels a bit forced in my opinion.

The artwork in this edition is nothing spectacular. This series has always had problems sticking with a single artist. Despite some slightly washed out colors, the artwork is quite well done, particularly with Larfleeze.

When he first appears he looks almost satanic, which is fitting since earlier in this series Rayner and his allies encountered a planet that believed Larfleeze to be the Devil of their religion.

This is yet another strong entry in this series. The threat of the Third Army is finally starting to feel real and the desperation of Rayner’s struggle is increased. This is a great series that continues to impress.




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