Only one hundred nights left before they throw their caps

Ryan Glavey

Administrative Executive Editor


Like the unpleasant sound of a morning alarm, the 2013 spring semester has begun with a wake up call to all seniors entering their final semester at college.

As time runs down for seniors at Keene State College, it awakens feelings of excitement and reminiscence as the end of a chapter in their lives.

However, for many more it creates stress and dread about completing everything to graduate on time and simultaneously prepare a plan for post-college life.

As tempting as it can be to fall victim to “senioritis” and coast through their last semester, several students are committed to hitting the books and finishing their academic careers at KSC strongly.

“It’s about academics,” senior communications major Jon Wallace said.

“I’ve had a lot of years here to connect with my peers.”

Wallace said he wants to balance work and play, and knows he has the support group to do both this semester.

“I have my group of friends, so I’m not worried about that,” Wallace said. Nevertheless, it can be a challenge to maintain a social life when students are forced to barricade themselves in the library to meet the expectations of their classes.

Senior Bridget Love said she is already feeling overwhelmed with her workload. Love is a double major in Holocaust and genocide studies and sociology.

“I’m mainly concerned with having enough time to do all my work, I wish there were more hours in a 24-hour day,” Love joked.

Love said as an orientation leader at KSC she tells freshmen to take their early semesters as a time to dip into different electives.

This can give underclassmen a chance to explore what the college has to offer and ultimately discover what they really want to study if they initially came to KSC unsure. Conversely, Love said now looking back she probably would have done it the other way around.

“I wish I had jumped into my majors earlier so I could use this time to take some electives,” Love commented.

Love explained that she’s currently balancing completing her double major with working at the Cohen Center in the Mason Library and being a lifeguard at the Spaulding Gymnasium pool, along with other commitments.

“Senior year is what you make it,” Love stated. “It’s about being able to manage your time to still be able to enjoy the year and keep your friends along the way.”

Love said she’s been able to do this by combining the two. “I usually hang out with my friends when I’m at the library,” Love explained.

She said she enjoys her time studying at the library better with her friends there with her. This is one way for students to dedicate to their studies as well as socialize.

While some students will depart from KSC with their degree in hand and strike out to make their way in the “real world,” others will be leaving KSC but not academia.

Several students are using their remaining time as undergraduates to prepare themselves for graduate school to obtain a higher degree in their fields.

Senior biology major Deena Snoke said in addition to keeping up her grades she is using her time to prepare for graduate school interviews as she pursues her Ph.D. “I’m just trying to power through and leave on a good note,” Snoke commented.

Snoke said she wouldn’t change anything about her experience at KSC, but does still have some things she wants to do before she leaves Keene. “There are still a lot of bars I haven’t gone to, I haven’t had time,” Snoke said.

“I’d also like to bike the bike path.” Even though she is busy with all her work Snoke said she realizes the importance of relaxing once in awhile.

“I try to do something one night a weekend,” Snoke stated. “You got to find time for a break.” The final days at college can cause students to reminisce about their last four years, and fear moving on to the next big step of their lives, but others are ready for the jump.

“I’m ready to move on,” Snoke said. “I’m sure once it gets closer I’ll start reminiscing, but right now I’m focused on my classes and getting into grad school.”

As that annoying alarm continues to ring in the ear of all the seniors at KSC, they still are making that final push to graduation.


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