And so it’s here. After a grueling election cycle and subpar performances at the debates, the Obama Administration has once again claimed the White House as its own. As the country looks towards the future with hopeful aspirations, only time will tell whether we as citizens have made the correct choice.

Despite partisan divides throughout our country and on the Keene State College campus, we all generally want what is best for our country; from bringing an end to a nearly decade long war to making sure the future generation of workers is able to come out from under mountains of debt.

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The Republican and Democratic Parties each have a different framework under which they operate regarding the social, political, and economic problems facing our country in the next four years. The Democratic Party’s focus on social justice issues—in particular adding to its platform this past year its commitment to marriage equality—feeds heavily off of its economic policies of reducing the tax burden on the middle class, while generating more job opportunities and market growth.

Regardless of whether this method is the most effective, we as a country should be pressuring the Obama Administration to continue its attempts to strength relationships across the political aisle in the House of Representations and in the Senate.

It is this communication between parties that our country has been so desperately lacking for the past several years. Without it, our country will continue to struggle with the issues at hand—instead of combating the economic crisis, our politicians will remain focused on stalemating and diverting attention away from the problems at hand. During the next four years, we at The Equinox hope to see an attempt by the Obama Administration in remedying this division in our political climate.

The true privilege of living in a democracy is the ability to elect the people in power. Our country has once again exercised its right in this regard, and with Obama in the lead again, our future rests upon a Democratic leader who has struggled in his past term with an unresponsive legislation and stagnate economy.

In the end, this election cycle has reaffirmed our country’s commitment to social justice and economic policies that will move us closer to eliminating our debt. The populace has spoken and made its voice heard. We will not move backwards toward retrograde politics, but forward to a more stable future. In looking towards the future, it will become apparent to us as a nation quickly whether we made the decision that will benefit us the most.

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