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From Nov. 14 to 17, the Keene State College Theatre Department put on their production of Bram Stoker’s classic tale, “Dracula.” Once the curtain went up, Sheamus Ahearn’s character, Renfield, gave the audience their introduction in his own over the top and enthusiastic manner, the crowd was hooked. “I felt like I was there,” KSC student Austin Nadeau said.

The acting, set design and costume design all helped play a role in not only making the audience feel like they were there, but it also helped bring the Dracula story to life.  “The acting was unlike anything I’d ever seen,” KSC student, Dimitrios Kapoukranidis, said. Taylor Ewing’s Mina showed a strong woman ahead of her time period in her portrayal. Taylor Jorgenson’s Dr. Seward came across as a tragic figure tortured by watching his unrequited love slowly become a monster.

Dan Kuhn, who played the title character, gave a chilling and terrifying performance that breathed life into one of the most iconic villainous characters in the history of literature in a way that captured both the monstrous and sympathetic aspects of the character. All of the other actors played their roles brilliantly to make this production a truly unforgettable experience.

Devon Larrabee said it was “the most amazing theatrical thing I’ve ever seen.” However, the one actor who stole the show, even more so than Dracula himself, was Sheamus Ahearn as Renfield.  KSC student Felix Seidel said, “[Ahearn] was incredible.”

Ahearn proved himself to be an excellent actor, running the gamut of emotions, from calm and menacing to wild and manic, the sort of man that can eat a rat one minute, and have an intelligent conversation about Mozart the next.

When the show ended, and the cast assembled for its final bow, the applause from the audience was thunderous. KSC student Shannon Duffy said, “I thought it was very well put together and I liked it.” Jonathan Way said this play was better than all of the high school plays he’s seen put together.

Overall, Keene State College’s production of “Dracula” proved to be a phenomenal performance that left KSC students in awe and will not be forgotten anytime soon.


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