In a world full of labels, advertisements, pressures and social media sites, sometimes it can get very difficult to really identify with anything. With trends constantly changing, sometimes it is hard to get a lock on things you really enjoy, because they come and go so quickly. One thing, though, that people can always look to is music. Music is always going to be around, and once you identify a genre you enjoy, there is years worth of material to go back and listen to, especially with iPods and other MP3 players. That’s part of what makes music so great, the fact that there is easy access to material produced before someone was even born.

One of the funny things about music is how ingrained it actually is in human society. Music is also a basic construct in most culture. This is because of how the human brain works. As it is, the human brain loves structure and repeatable patterns.

This means that humans are in fact hard-wired to like music. The brain derives pleasure from the recognizable patterns in songs, which is why at the most basic level, people enjoy music. However, anyone knows music is enjoyable for more than a scientific reason. Music really speaks to you when you find an artist, band, or group you enjoy.

I really think music is such an experience because many times a song will say exactly how you are thinking about a situation or viewing an experience, and that makes it a personal connection.

So many times I’ll be walking around and suddenly a song comes on that has a thought or memory attached to it. It will remind me of a weekend, a summer, a trip somewhere, etc. One song too could mean such a different thing to so many different people. Or a song that means a lot to somebody could just be another tune on the radio to a person next to him or her, which is really amazing.

Another thing that’s so incredible about music is how people develop such different tastes. As I’m typing here, I’m listening to a playlist composed almost entirely of death metal. Most people I know can’t even listen to the lightest kinds of metal, but it’s my favorite kind of music. At the same time, I can’t really listen to country or most rap, which I know many people love. It’s all a matter of preference. The best part is that there is no “right” or “regular” taste in music. Nobody can make fun of anyone for liking a certain kind of music because there is no kind you are supposed to like.

It’s great too, because fans of the same kind of music often group together and have a common interest to talk about, and discuss the different meanings of the songs to them.

No matter what happens, many people will never stop liking music. There’s just something about it and the power it has over one’s emotions and thoughts which makes it integral to human existence and interaction. So continue to play your music loud, and to support your favorite artists and bands!

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