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Student Assembly ended earlier than usual because of a lack of business Tuesday night, Oct. 9.

After the less then 30 minute Student Assembly meeting, one member said “Shortest student assembly ever.”

Business included discusses about elections, a transfer of funds for the Keene State Media Productions, and a Constitution Committee for WKNH.

Elections will be held next week.

Keene State Media Productions, formerly called KTV, requested a transfer of funds.

The club was requesting that the amount of $1,000 from their stipends account be transferred into their general supplies account.

The club president, senior Danielle Clark, said the club agreed that they did not need to be paid for their work.

The club would rather use the money for the upcoming, third annual, Film Festival.

The club has five general members and about seven new members so far.

Clark said she believes since the name change, people do not know who they are or what they do.

After Clark explained the clubs intend, the assembly voted and approved of the funding transfer.

Next, WKNH submitted an amendment to the Constitution Committee for recognition of  new executive board positions.

The idea the WKNH members have is to appoint two general managers so that one can follow in the others footsteps after the first general manager graduates.

Last year, WKNH’s general manager “up and left” without properly training another student that would be able to take his/her place.

Also, with the addition of another general manager, there will be an even distribution of responsibility.

An assembly member brought up a question on what would happen if both general managers were seniors?

The club members replied that then they would have one or both general managers training underclassman for the general manager position.

They said that they already have that idea ready if a situation like that ever occurs.

One question an assembly member had was whether this new position will affect the budget already put in place.

The WKNH members said no because they had already cut two positions. The club members said that it will not adversely affect their budget at all.

After hearing the club’s proposal, the Student Assembly passed the amendment to the Constitution Committee for recognition of the new general manager positions.

When that was all finished, Vice President for Student Affairs, Andy Robinson, spoke.

He said he would like to remind everyone that on Friday, Oct. 12 at 2 p.m. is the official opening of the Technology, Design, and Safety Studies Center (TDS Center).

He said there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and he suggests for any student who has not been inside the building to pay a visit.

After visiting the building himself, Robinson said that it was a pretty awesome building.

Nearing the end of the meeting, Student Assembly gave committee reports. There was a reminder for assembly members to sign up for their two hour shifts for pumpkin lobotomy.

When the meeting ended, thwe recorded time was no more than 20 minutes.


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