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Each year, Keene State College Athletics hosts an Annual 5k Pumpkin Fun Run, in the midst of other fall activities, to energize students and give them an opportunity to participate in an event, other than their regular, mundane, weekend behaviors.

The fun run/walk was originally designed to allow a group of Keene State College students or faculty, to get together while staying active, and over the past seven years there has been quite a large turnout.  Signups each year include over 175 participants, with a free t-shirt given to the majority of those who finish first, and not many college students would pass up that opportunity.

Some people do it for the challenge, others for pure enjoyment; nevertheless it has been a great way to unite our campus together.

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Lynne Andrews, of the Keene State Recreation department explained that the idea for a 5K was first heard of in a survey, given to students and faculty, regarding other activities that could be organized by the athletic department.

“We sent out a survey to students, and one suggested we develop some sort of 5K run, so our department staff sat and talked about it and decided to organize it,” said Andrews. The event was also specifically planned in conjunction with the Annual Pumpkin Fest’s Pumpkin Lobotomy, as a way to gain more participants.

“Tying the run in with Pumpkin lobotomy gives way for a more captive audience, and you also have several people on campus for lobotomy, so what’s a twenty minute run to throw into the mix,” Andrews continued.

In light of the anticipated turnout, the run seems to promote school spirit, and brings camaraderie amongst students and staff at Keene State. It typically has quite a few volunteer staff members as well, who help with the little extras of the organized occasion, and some of those volunteering students talked a little about why it is so favorable.

A 5K event is perfect because it isn’t as competitive, and more people are prone to participate knowing that it is just for fun.”

Whilst all of that is factually true, many people just love a good, competitive run where they can be timed and shoot for a specific goal, so with a little challenge, and some good, clean fun, the 2012 Pumpkin Fun Run has recently been postponed, and will aim to take place on Friday, October 26th.


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