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Lauren Brown and Taylor Jette have a very special talent: finding the back of the lacrosse net. They are both finding the back of that net quite often this season.

Brown and Jette are both juniors on the women’s and men’s lacrosse team, respectively.

Lauren Brown is from Agawam, Mass. She also began her lacrosse career here in fifth grade.

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“One of my best friends convinced me to play. My mom also encouraged me to try it because it was a relatively new sport. It was really growing in my town,” Brown said.

Jette, from Simsbury, Conn. also began his lacrosse career in fifth grade.

“I was playing baseball, but that was too slow for me. I wanted to play a faster paced game so I started playing lacrosse,” Jette said.

Both Brown and Jette love the game of lacrosse for many reasons.

But one of the main reasons that they both continue to play is that they both like the fast pace of the sport.

“I like the fast pace of the game. I really just love the game,” Brown said.

Taylor Jette even credited Lauren Brown’s speed for her success this season.

“She’s a fast player and she knows how to find the back of the net,” Jette said.

Three years ago, Brown and Jette made the decision to attend Keene State College and join the Owls lacrosse program.

Since then, the two have both had a major impact on the lacrosse program. This year, both Brown and Jette lead their team in goals scored.

Brown leads the lady Owls with 46 goals while Jette leads the men’s team with 39 goals.

Jette’s teammates have spent most of the season relying on the left handed junior attackman.

“Taylor is definitely the clutch player on the team. He comes through when we really need it most. When we need a goal, he’s the guy we go to,” junior teammate Kyle Peterson said.

Brown’s teammates said they respect her work ethic and believe that is a huge reason for her success this season.

“She works really hard. She pushes herself, in my opinion, harder than anyone else on the team. She’s pretty hard on herself too, which pushes her even harder and makes her an even better player,” sophomore teammate Julie Trombetta said.

Sophomore Eliza Witherbee added, “Lauren is a hard worker. She dedicates a lot of time to lacrosse. She just loves the sport in general.” Witherbee is second on the team in goals scored with 41.

Taylor Jette is also highly respected by his coach and teammates.

“He’s willing to work hard at practice. He’s willing to take chances on the field and I really like that. That’s something that separates him from other players,” Coach Mark Theriault said.

Jette also brings a very positive attitude to practices and games that make it easier for his teammates to be positive.

“Taylor brings a great personality to the team. He is very energetic on and off the field. So he gets the team motivated really effectively. He just brings a lot of energy to the team,” Kyle Peterson said.

Brown also maintains a very positive attitude on and off the field.

“If she wasn’t on our team, I think there would be a difference in the mood on the team. She’s so positive all the time. But she will also critique us and tell us what we’re doing wrong. But never in a mean way,” Julie Trombetta said.

The similarities don’t end there. “Both of them [Brown and Jette] are not afraid to shoot the ball. They have good accuracy. They also have a good drive to the net. That has made them both really good players this year,” Witherbee said.

The aggressive play style of both Brown and Jette have also helped them find the back of the net a number of times this year.

“I think they’re both pretty aggressive toward the goal, they want the ball,” Men’s Lacrosse Coach Mark Theriault said.

Theriault added, “When they have the opportunity, they don’t just move the ball on because they feel like their opportunity isn’t perfect. They’re both willing to grind it out to get to the goal.”

Both Brown and Jette have become serious play-makers for their team this year.

Brown and Jette know how what the opportunity for a goal looks like and they know how to capitalize on that opportunity.

“One thing that I noticed is that Taylor is always involved in making the plays. He knows how to get open to get the opportunity to score,” Brown said.

Jette’s teammate, Kyle Peterson said that he noticed that Brown has a similar knack for getting open.

“You can tell that Lauren plays in a very similar way. She’s their [women’s lacrosse team] big clutch player too,” Peterson said.

Peterson added, “Their presence on the field is very similar. They’re someone that everyone looks up to on the field.”

Brown and Jette said they both hope to continue their successes well into the post season. Their teammates also said they hope that their love for finding the back of the net doesn’t end anytime soon.


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