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Everything was covered in red: the dance floor, the food, the lights and of course the people. Students came out Thursday, April 26 to experience the last Student Involvement event of the year.

“It’s a perfect type of event to wrap up the year,” Late Night Programming and Social Media Intern Jason Abisch said.

He added that the idea of a red party is simple and easy because it goes along with the colors of Keene State College, which are red and black.“It was a great party to end the year with,” junior Alex Katz commented.

The dance floor was almost constantly crowded whether is was everyone belting out “I’m On a Boat” by the Lonely Island or circling up and taking a chance at reenacting the LMFAO video for “I’m Sexy and I Know It.” “I had an awesome time,” junior Katie Marsh said.

The party was held in the Night Owl Cafe (NOC) where free food and drinks were provided. Two local DJs, DJ Testa and DJ Mongo, provided their own original music.

“I’ve been DJing since I was 13. I now DJ all over Massachusetts and New Hampshire,” Aaron Testa, who is DJ Testa, said.

He also added that he is making a trip to Maine this summer. “Performing and playing music for people is something I love to do,” he commented. This is the third dance party Student Involvement has put on this semester as part of experimental events to keep the night life on campus still fun.

Also put on this semester was the Headphones Disco and the Night Glow Party.“We pick dances because a lot of the people that go here like dances,” Chelsea Harris, the student activities and organizations assistant, said.

These dances are just a glimpse of what Student Involvement will be putting on full-time next year. Harris talked about possible events for next year such as game shows, outside events, and of course, many more dance parties.

“I think alternative nights are good because it gives everyone a chance to go out and have fun in a friendly environment,” Harris said.

According to Abisch, a possible outside event would be a foam party, which would be happening in the spring.

He added that they would try to partner up with the Zorn Dining Commons so the students have more choices in food to eat.

The idea behind Student Involvement is simple according to Abisch. “[The idea is] to provide a safe environment where students who aren’t 21 can come to have fun and enjoy more on campus events,” he said.

In a previous interview, Jen Ferrell, the director of Student Involvement, said, “I’ve found over the years students are looking for something to do.” Student Involvement is looking to put on events Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for students who don’t like the party scene of the community, but are too young for the bars as well.

A lot of work goes into putting these types of events on, according to Harris. She noted that there is a lot of planning, especially collaboration with the NOC staff and the Student Involvement staff.

She also added that WKNH, the campus radio station, usually has a hand in putting the events together. The time and effort that is put into putting these events together looks like it pays off when swarms of students come into one of the events and dance their butts off.

Luckily, students won’t have to hope for next year’s events, because there will be a steady flow of late night activities being put out by Student Involvement. It’s just a matter of being patient and waiting.


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