The 123s ends their stint as a band with one final performance


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On Thursday April 26, local band the 123s took the stage for the last time at Penuche’s Ale House. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Jordan Reynolds, led the band in original songs. For Reynolds, the performance was about attracting a large crowd for their last hurrah.

Reynolds said he hoped to provide a way for students to let loose during finals week and give them an opportunity to enjoy the last few days of college life. This goal was accomplished through the notes played and sung.
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Senior Megan Gowan of Keene State College said, “ I really wanted to see the 123s again before I graduated.” For Gowan, the 123s’ music was the anthem to her experience at Keene, she said. The 123s’ music is something that Gowan will associate with her memories of her time at the college. These memories are derived from the lyrics that Reynolds writes. Reynolds said that his lyrics are embedded with messages of love, death, and philosophy. These messages are ones that not only inspire Reynolds but the band’s fans as well.

Once Reynolds took the stage to perform, a crowd huddled around, listening to every word that slipped out of Reynolds’ mouth.

But for Reynolds, these days of performing in front of crowds with the 123s will become memories of the past and will reflect the impact his lyrics made on his audience. Reynolds said that the band is done recording and are in the postproduction process. While Reynolds’ career in the 123s is put on pause, he plans to move to Concord where he will be working as a chef.

However, for bass guitarist Chris Robinson he wants to know that the 123s are still around and will continue to be present. Their album will be released this summer, Robinson said. Drummer of the 123s Sean St. Germain said that on Thursday he was looking to have fun at the 123s final performance. “It is about playing music, having a good time and nothing else matters at the end of the day,” Germain said.

Junior Will Steeves said that he has been a fan of the 123s fines his freshman year of college. What attracted Steeves to the 123s musical performance was their original material. “It is a great band, I wish more people knew about them,” Steeves said.

Like Steeves, senior Felix Seidel said he went to Penuche’s just to hear the 123s play. “I’m here to hear my friends play music and whatever song that happens to be I’m okay with that. I’m friends with Jordan through our mutual friend, Joe McConaughy. I was actually in the percussion ensemble with Sean [the drummer in the 123s],” Seidel said.

“I always knew they kind of existed when I moved to Keene but I didn’t start listening to them much until I started hanging out with Joe a lot and he was often playing with them,” Seidel said.  For Seidel the 123s’ music is about the energy they possess and getting the crowd involved. Something Reynolds aspires to happen every time he takes the stage.

And the fans continue to flock every time the 123s take the stage.  Briana Mangiarcina, a graduate of the 2011 class, said that she would continue to support the 123s for as long as they are around and continue to make music. “I’ve been to almost all of their shows the last five years. It’s one of my best friends’ bands. I love all the songs. I can sing a long,” Mangiarcina said.

This ongoing attraction of seeing local bands play is what originally influence Todd Tousley, bartender and owner of Penuche’s to host a night dedicated to local talent. “I wanted start a mostly an acoustic Keene State music series. I wanted a bunch of Keene Staters to join us to bring their friends and support Keene State,” Tousley said.

For him, this is his way of not only supporting KSC student musicians, but also community and local musicians. Even though this is the 123s last performance in Keene, their music will continue those who take the time to listen.

Their album that will be released this summer will keep on spinning, and those listening will keep on singing along.


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