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There were many new faces this year at Keene State College. One of those faces is Taylor Tully, incoming coordinator of intramural sports and sports clubs.

Coming in as the new CISST is not an easy job, but Tully has done it successfully and is trying to learn just how KSC works the best that she can. So far her experience has been a pleasant one.

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“It has been excellent,” Tully said. “Everybody’s been very welcoming.”

“It has been a great experience for my first year as a professional,” she continued.

For Tully, KSC has been a college that has set itself apart from other colleges.

“The culture, and everybody is willing to help out. The students are great here,” Tully said.

One big thing during Tully’s year as the new CISST has been adjusting to the culture of KSC and how it works.

“It has been an adjustment. Just regionally and culturally because I’ve been in different places. But throughout the year it has been I would say a smooth transition,” she said.

Learning about the culture of KSC has also been one of the biggest challenges that Tully has had to face during her adjustment period.

“Learning. Learning the program,” Tully said. “Within the first year anywhere you go it’s all about learning the culture of the program and the department, and for me you just step back and learn and everything will kind of fall into place from there,” she said.

“So, that hasn’t really been the biggest challenge, but that’s been you know, kind of what I’ve been doing this year is learning a lot about Keene and Keene State College as well as the recreational sports department,” Tully continued.

KSC has seemed to welcome Tully to the Owls’ family with open arms.

Tully’s most rewarding experience so far has come in the form of students generally being interested in intramural sports.

“Seeing the students get really excited about intramural sports,” she said.

“As the year’s gone on I’ve seen a lot of participants come back and participate in more sports or in other sports, and to see them excited to come and participate and to want to sign up for more events is exciting,” Tully said.

One thing Tully hopes to accomplish during her years at KSC is getting students excited about participating and doing their part in intramural sports.

“Just to take the program to a new level,” Tully said. “The intramural sports program is already a very good program and it’s you know, I came in to a very good program but I’d only like to heighten it by bringing new things to it and bringing it to a new level.”


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