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Student Assembly met on Tuesday, April 24 to elect a new chair for the 2012-2013 school year, in addition to filling a number of vacant positions on the board.

The Mountain View Room was buzzing with the possibilities as members new and old gathered to discuss the future of student government.

The meeting began with a number of awards being given to assembly members for his or her hard work and dedication throughout the past year.

Some awards were comical, like the “Most likely to take the Chair’s gavel” award, while some were practical like the “Most Valuable Player” award. Each member was recognized specifically to his or her contributions made for the organization.

There was an official welcome for the new student government, as current members were asked to leave the table to make room for new hopefuls.

The new members were asked to speak about his or her hopes for the board in the next year.

There was a common theme as each member spoke, excitement and anticipation towards the following year.

Existing members with little involvement during the present year stated his or her desire to have an increased role in 2012-2013.

The next part of the meeting involved members who were interested in positions to present his or her case towards elections. Prospective candidates were required to speak about how he or she could be instrumental in the position followed by a question and answer segment.

The new chair, who is currently studying abroad, alternatively submitted a video to show her interest. Chelsea Clouse, class of 2013 was elected to office to fill the position.

Younger members of the assembly were expressing how different the approaching year would be without the current members on the board. It was evident that the members of the organization expect great things when students return from summer at the end of August.

The board will have a feminine touch in the upcoming year as the positions of power are filled by all women. Next year’s board members are as followed, Katelyn Williams, Student Body President, Kelly Welch, Vice President, Ali Hammell, senior class president, Jackie Effraimson, junior class president, and Chelsea Harris, sophomore class president.

The Treasurer will be Meghan Healy, class of 2014, and Caitlin Licence, class of 2015 will serve as Secretary.

The assembly congratulated all candidates and winners with refreshments and snacks following the meeting.

This was the final meeting before members head home for summer. When school resumes in the fall, these scholars will have a chance to show Keene State what they are capable of.


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