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Student Assembly met on Tuesday, March 10, to discuss issues involving KSC Pride, the collective opinion of NH House Bill 1692, and other issues involving the campus.

After the initial roll call, the council approved the minutes of the April 3 meeting with no one opposing.

Council members discussed HB 1692 which would eliminate the chancellor position from the USNH education system.

The council talked about the pros and the cons with the chancellor position.

Student Body President Colin Daly pointed out the positive aspects of getting rid of the chancellor position in the USNH system from a budget standpoint.

However, he said, The thing that makes me feel uneasy is students would not have a voice.” He went on to say, “We should be able to voice our opinion.”

After a further discussion the council voted to take the side of Plymouth State University and University of New Hampshire in the matter.

The council voted in favor and various council members will draft a letter voicing their collective opinion on HB 1692.

Next on the agenda, KSC Pride took the floor to be approved for revisions to their constitution.

Some issues involved with the former constitution was a lack of clarity in certain passages, and the club needed to add content.

Issues brought up by council members included clarification of honorary members, active members, and non active members. This was brought up due to funding for trips involving these various member ranks.

According to KSC Pride representative Jason Abisch, an honorary member is a non-KSC affiliated person who attends more than five meetings.

The confusion circled around whether honorary members would be given financial aid for Pride funded events or would have to pay from their own resources. At the end of the discussion, honorary members would have to pay out of pocket to attend trips.

Student Assembly Secretary, Kaleigh Liupakka said, “We talked about how funds could not be used for non students, and he said you guys have this position how you have your honorary members, your active members.”

She went on to say, “The money is not going to be spent on those (honorary) members.”

She also said, “These people will not have the same privileges as KSC students. Which is why they have the language as active and honorary.”

Another issue about KSC Pride’s proposal were of blank sentences in the current constitution. KSC Pride representative Jason Abisch says, “There were lines and things, they would have sentences that would just end in fluff.”

The motion to approve constitutional revisions for KSC pride was approved, with no objections.

The new business brought up at the meeting was addressing the dress code for the council, which was brought up by Student Assembly Chair, Tyler Rines.

Council ended with Committee reports which included council members talking about the applications for re-election being low and that there will be no chalk talk for the upcoming Spring Weekend due to too many racially motivated hate-crime incidents


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