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For the past two years, Matt Schairer has been a captain and a leader for the Keene State College men’s lacrosse team.

However, this year after losing perhaps its best offensive player, Schairer has had to step up both his leadership ability and scoring ability.

“I’ve had to do more this year,” Schairer said. “But we have been getting a lot of contribution from everyone this year.”

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Schairer said player Taylor Jette has really stepped up filling in as a new winger, and that the midfield has been playing great as well. This is Schairer’s third and final year on the Keene State lacrosse team, as it is his senior year.

Most wish it wouldn’t be, including Mark Thaeriault, the head coach of the men’s lacrosse team.

Some say the Keene State men’s lacrosse team has had a bumpy start to the season, and some could attribute that to the missing star player, but both Schairer and Thaeriault agree that losing those games wasn’t as bad as people thought.

“We lost a couple of tough games,” Schairer said. “And that knocked us out of the top 25.”

Coach Thaeriault said, “Two of those games were one goal games and three of the four teams were top 20 teams in the country. I’m feeling pretty good about us right now.”

After the tough beginning schedule, the men’s lacrosse team has won two straight games, one against Southern Maine, opening its LEC conference title run a victory. In that game the Owl’s won 17-6 over the Huskies of Southern Maine, with Schairer having four goals and two assists.

“The Southern Maine game was good for us,” Schairer said. “We won by 10 goals, so it was nice to get that one.”

Schairer is known for his work ethic and for expecting the most out of himself and his teammates.

“He is there every day and he works every day,” said Thaeriault. “He expects a lot out of his teammates and makes that known.”

Schairer has been working to perfect his offensive game this year.

“He has been putting in the time and effort to perfect his shot and perfecting his skill of dodging the net,” Thaeriault said. “He has always been a great shooter, but you can see him trying to perfect it.”

Coach Thaeriault remembered one moment earlier in the season that shows the leadership of Schairer.

It was during the RPI game when KSC was down by one goal with 14 seconds left on the clock.

“We got in the huddle, and we were drawing up a final play, and Matt stopped me and said, ‘No Coach, I don’t like that play, I want the ball,’” Thaeriault said. “It shows his leadership, and it is nice to know someone wants to step up in those kinds of situations.”

Schairer’s lasting memory being a part of the Keene State College men’s lacrosse team was last year during its win against Eastern Connecticut State.

‘We were down by eight goals at half time and we came back to win 19-17,” Schairer said. “That was probably the best game I have ever been a part of.”

Schairer wants to win the LEC Conference this year and go into the NCAA tournament to make a good run at the title.

“Ranking(s) go out the window in the tournament,” said Schairer. “I want to leave a lasting mark at Keene as a really good team.”


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