KSC Spring Weekend a chaotic ride

Kim Borkowski

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Despite the absence of Chalk Talk this year, Keene State College students still enjoyed food and rides at the carnival held on campus Thursday, April 19.

Student Government and the L.P. Young Student Center co-sponsored the carnival and the Zorn Dining Commons provided food that encompassed the theme of “South of the Border.”

According to Katelyn Williams, student body vice president, Student Government originally didn’t want the carnival to be held on the same weekend as Spring Weekend.

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“In the past, it’s been the weekend after Spring Weekend, but this year the company that does the rides already has another festival planned for that weekend.”

She continued, “But I think it’ll be a good kick-off to Spring Weekend and the turn-out should be good.”

Williams explained Student Government didn’t hand out free t-shirts this year due to a financial cut.

She said they get the funding for the event through Student Assembly.

Williams addressed the rumor that Chalk Talk was cancelled due to campus grafitti. She said it was a factor but not the only reason.

“Through the years Chalk Talk hasn’t been as positive, while the carnival has grown into a positive environment.”

Williams continued, “The number of hate crimes this year has increased, but Chalk Talk just hasn’t been the same in recent years.”

Williams explained that other clubs use chalk more often than they used to and that has taken away from the Chalk Talk event.

Williams also added that in the past people would draw graffiti and other inappropriate things on Appian Way and walls of the buildings.

“With graduation coming up we don’t want that graffiti around, and members of our organization would have to take a bucket and wash it away ourselves,” Williams stated.

Paul Striffolino, the assistant vice president of Student Affairs, explained the graffiti has been an issue for years and said it’s not the reason it was taken away this year.

He said when Chalk Talk started in the early ‘90s, many students would come together and make drawings and write comments having to do with the certain theme.

“Through the years, Chalk Talk has lost its meaning.  The connection with the chalk is gone,” Striffolino stated.

One KSC student explained how much she missed Chalk Talk.

Senior Tori Vigorito said she liked having Chalk Talk and the carnival combined.

“It was a cool thing having the chalk part combined with the rides, it was so much fun,” she stated.

Senior Ashley Taylor said she always looks forward to the carnival every year and loved the nice weather this year.

Sophomores Kayleen Reardon and Enea Brotzman explained they were really looking forward to the carnival this year.

Both said they were excited to try some of the Mexican food.

The “South of the Border” menu included items such as chicken soft tacos, burritos, nachos, corn on the cob, churros, and fried dough.

Richard Ducharme, the executive chef at the dining commons, helped create the menu for the carnival.

He explained that after receiving the theme, he immediately began coming up with the menu.

“You have to choose foods that students will respond to.  It’s not the time to try fish tacos or something like that,” he continued. “First you have to figure out the proteins and take into consideration the costs.  I chose pork, beef, and chicken.”

Rebecca Briggs, the registered dietitian for KSC, explained it’s her favorite day of the year.

She said despite being so busy at the end of the year the carnival acts as a boost to get through the end of the school year.

“The staff always looks forward to it; they all say they love it,” she added, “We know it’s more work and time, but it’s fun and we got to enjoy the beautiful weather while working as a team.”

Student Government handed out free soda and water while WKNH deejayed the event.

Students had the option of riding on any of the four different carnival rides located on campus.

Both Striffolino and Williams said they hope to bring Chalk Talk back next year.

Williams said Chalk Talk and Carnival should be separate events on different days.

She said, “I think an event needs to go away for students to appreciate it,” she said.


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