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With hundreds of thousands of troops serving the country overseas, organizations around the United States, including Keene State College, show their appreciation by giving back.

KSC sophomore Christopher Ager said he serves in the Air Force for the International Guard.

Although Ager hasn’t served overseas, he gave his perspective on the importance of receiving supplies and care packages while serving – based on what he’s heard from fellow troops.

“They’re really well-appreciated.  You know, the luxuries aren’t really there and it’s good to have memories from home,” Ager stated.

Former KSC student Karin Leach serves for the Army National Guard.

She explained she served in Iraq for a year and received many care packages.

“Everyone receives packages from their families, friends, and random support groups,” Leach said.

Leach said she received a package that was very appreciated while in Iraq – a package full of soccer balls and other sports items.

“We got a frisbee and played ultimate one time on our downtime,” she continued, “That was actually some of the most fun I had the whole time.”

There are many organizations in the United States dedicated to showing support through care packages, letters, and bulks of supplies to soldiers overseas.

Operation Shoebox is an organization that does just that with over 1,300 volunteers in three locations along with other volunteers throughout America who help in accomplishing their mission.

Hugs for Heroes is another organization that ships notes and supplies overseas.

The group states on it’s website, “Our hope is to make the hardships they endure a little easier to bear… We must not forget they stand guard for us every day and night to protect us and our way of life.”

The KSC Republicans club hosted an on-campus event, “Dance Moore,” on Saturday, April 14, in the Mabel Brown Room of the L.P. Young Student Center.

The event raised money to donate to Moore Mart, an organization based in Nashua, N.H., that ships needed, but unavailable supplies to soldiers overseas.

Moore Mart states on it’s website, that the group began sending supplies in a family effort to their brother and his fellow soldiers in Iraq.

Now, the group has extended their organization by  sending packages to other troops overseas along with new school supplies, toys, and outerwear to children in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The items are also shipped to villages that didn’t have a school or where schools have been destroyed, according to the Moore Mart website.

The faculty advisor of the KSC Republicans and geography professor Dr. Christopher Cusack said the group came up with the idea of the event because it would be fun with the purpose of doing good.

Cusack said he had a connection with the importance of sending supplies overseas because he has three brothers who served in combat for the military.

He said he explained to them that receiving items such as magazines and toothbrushes were a “God send.”

Ager agreed with Cusack, he said the troops’ appreciation for receiving magazines and news articles while serving overseas.

He said it reminds them of home and “breaks up the monotomy.”

Another item, Ager said the soldiers enjoy are powdered flavor mixes to add to water.

“The water isn’t amazing so the powder mixes make it so much better,” he stated

Leach pointed out she sometimes received items that she really didn’t need.

She explained she received baby wipes, “gross” candy, and many boxes full of beef jerky.

Whether a soldier receives items he or she wants or doesn’t want, the packages show the United States’ appreciation for the troops overseas.

The Secretary of KSC Republicans, senior Courtney Maher, explained she thinks it’s important for everyone to do what they can to help the soldiers overseas.

She stated, “It’s the right thing to do.  They’re over there fighting for us – it’s the least we can do.”


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