KSC radio station WKNH cosponsors late night “Glow Party” with Night Owl Café at Keene State College

Michael Woodworth

Equinox Staff


With a glance at the dance floor, people were silhouetted by glow sticks and lit up by flashing lights.

Crowds flooded the area to sporadically bounce to the beat.

This was just another late night dance party the Keene State College campus received on March 30.

Student Involvement and WKNH, the KSC radio station, cosponsored this event with hopes of steering students away from the local party scene, according to Jason Abisch, the Student Involvement late night programming and social media intern.

“It’s a promised safe environment,” Abisch said.

He also noted that fraternities and sororities usually get broken up by police, and those party-goers have nowhere else to go once that happens, which disappoints the students.

“I think that a lot of the time off-campus events can be frustrating,” DJ Aaron Testa commented.

Five local DJs who mix their own tracks hosted the event.

Student Involvement has launched an experimental program called the Late Night Program.

The Late Night Program is putting on events this semester to test out how they go and how the students react to a late night event.

The Late Night Program put on its first experimental event a couple weeks ago, called the Headphones Disco, which was a very popular event for the students.

The Late Night Program hopefully plans to have a regular series of events, according to Jen Ferrell, the director of Student Involvement.

The event lasted from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. which didn’t seem to turn anybody away. The dance floor seemed to be packed at almost all moments of the night.

The students danced their butts off to the “rave-like” party.

“It’s the closest you can get to a rave,” Gagnon said.

While setting up the event, Stephanie Caravedo, the events coordinator for WKNH said she was worried about the event not being well attended, this being her first event to put on since being appointed the events coordinator.

But the event was well attended with a crowded dance floor almost every minute. “I think a lot of people are attracted to this sort of thing,” Tim Gagnon, a general manager for WKNH, said.

He added that events like this are a good way to connect with the campus.

The two groups provided free glow sticks, beads, and light-up mouth pieces.

The students who came out to the event swarmed the table handing these items out and basically sprinted to the dance floor to put them to instant and good use.

Sophomore Jenni Jameson expressed her interest in the free stuff.

“I thought the free glow stuff rocked,” she said.

The cosponsors used this event to both provide the campus with a late night event and to get their names out there to the students.

According to Abisch and Gagnon, WKNH is known throughout campus, whereas Student Involvement is lesser known.

“I think bringing the two groups together is helping us both,” Abisch said.

Gagnon agreed, adding that they were trying to get more people to notice the radio.

At first, there were some bumps in putting the event together when the Mabel Brown Room originally was to hold a workshop on how to use the tech equipment the Student Center provides for events.

But that event ended up being rescheduled and the Glow Party got to use the equipment.

The music that was played throughout the night was mostly remixes of popular radio songs and mash-ups of dubstep and dance music.

The dancers chose very innovative dance moves to express their style while some who don’t necessarily know how to dance just bounced up and down and gyrated their hips in a rather provocative way.

By the end of the night, the party-goers were worn out, but they kept on dancing until the last possible second.

After yet another successful late night program, Student Involvement is that much closer to putting together an events calendar for next year.


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