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Two Keene State College students are accused of assaulting a resident assistant and a third student faces charges after Keene Police responded to an altercation at Randall Hall on Sunday, March 25, the Keene Sentinel reported.

The Keene police log indicates Keene police officers reported to Randall Hall at 10:33 p.m. after Campus Safety dispatched.

Ethan Kipnes, associate director of Campus Safety, said a resident assistant called Campus Safety after discovering that the two students and one additional student had alcohol in their possession. The students also had dorm furniture from the lounge in their dorm room.

The Sentinel reported the resident assistant was pushed and the door closed on the person’s foot. Further details have not been released.

The March 19 Campus Safety report log listed “RA called to say that he had a issue outside a room on the third floor. The RA started to say something until the phone went dead. Campus Safety dispatch officers to the area,” at 10:22 p.m.

Kipnes said, “We responded to a call from the RA staff requesting assistance with students they had been dealing with.”

KSC student Michael Diecidue faces charges of simple assault, illegal alcohol possession, possession of false identification and refusing to be processed, Keene Police Lt. Steven Stewart told the Sentinel.

A second student, Sean Morrissey, faces charges of simple assault, possession of false identification and resisting arrest or detention.

The Sentinel reported both students were held in Cheshire County House of Corrections overnight.

The students were scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday, March 26 in 8th Circuit Court District Division in Keene, Stewart said.

Brett Lago, the third student suspect, will face a charge of illegal alcohol possession in the Keene court on May 2.

Keene Police did not return requests for further information in time for publication.
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