Many people look down on metal or see it as the obnoxious, vile screamings of artists with little to no talent, which is a good way to incite a scathing response from me if I hear anyone say it.

Metal is an extremely unique and varied style of music that has changed and impacted so many people in many ways. It spoke to me in a way no music ever could, or ever will be able to.

Metal isn’t just about yelling and aggression, violence and anarchy.

Many songs in metal are about finding your place in the world, losing a loved one who meant more than anything to you, where you turn when the world has turned against you, and knowing that you share a unique bond with millions of other metal fans worldwide.

The challenges these artists have gone through and some of the things they have seen are inspiring to the millions of fans they have across the globe.

They face the hate they receive from millions of people who have never even listened to a single metal track but look down on it (and its artists) because society has such a warped view on metal. Yet, the artists continue to produce music and speak to millions worldwide.

People have formed their opinions about how it’s “evil” music and how everyone who listens to metal must be an aggressive sociopath with no friends, which I find absurd.

If you really listen to a metal song, hear the lyrics and the artist’s emotion behind the song you will find something unique in the music world nowadays. You will hear pure will, pure emotion, pure fire behind the music.

“Inside The Fire” by Disturbed is a great example of the real nature of metal. The song is about an actual story. David Draiman, the singer of Disturbed had a girlfriend commit suicide when he was only 16, and he was the first to find her. The song is about the sorrow and horror he felt as he found his girlfriend and stood there in shock and agony.

If you really listen to the lyrics, and feel the emotion behind them, you would be able to discern that.

Another Disturbed song comes to mind, called “Never Again.” It is about the Holocaust, and speaks about how people dare to say it never happened, and the horror with which the families involved had to deal with.

I challenge you to find a popular song on the radio lately that speaks of such a strong message.

Metal artists are really putting their hearts and thoughts on the line just as much as every other artist in the music industry and deserve to be respected as much as any performer.

It drives me mad to hear people who haven’t even listened to metal say it sucks, and it makes me happy that here in Keene there are more people who appreciate metal for what it is.

I run a radio station on WKNH called “Metal Power Hour” every week, and it makes me proud to know that there are metal fans who are genuinely interested and accept the music here at Keene.

I’ve seen people wearing shirts and apparel for every kind of metal artist around and it’s a good feeling to see the metal community going strong here. People need to stop making judgments based on what they think they know.

Take the time one day to really listen to one song, and listen to the message and lyrics. Metal isn’t going anywhere, because we metal fans are so devoted to our favorite artists, and will continue to support them for years to come.


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