Greek Life looks to develop Sigma Pi Fraternity as an international fraternity

Karen Forster

Equinox Staff


Students hoping to make an impact are working towards both additions and changes to Greek Life at Keene State College.

Sigma Pi Fraternity and Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity are both making a new name for themselves this semester.

Tyler Hall, one of the founders of Sigma Pi at KSC said, “We’re trying to make a difference. We want to change things around here and the way people see Greek Life at Keene State College.”

Hall said although Sigma Pi is currently established at KSC, it is a national fraternity.

He hopes to grow, recruit more students and become an international fraternity by the end of the school year.

Geoff McDonald, coordinator of Chapter and Colony Development of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity said, “As an Organization we recognized the opportunity within KSC to come on campus and cultivate a healthy and successful tradition to carry on for years to come.”

McDonald explained the uniqueness of expanding Greek Life at KSC and how it appealed to them.

“At Keene we saw an opportunity to provide the alternative Fraternity experience that appeals to men who maybe do not consider themselves typical fraternity men, men who maybe have not yet found their niche in Greek life, but are open to considering a Greek experience.”

Hall explained how Sigma Pi Fraternity is still at its beginning stages.

But, Hall is still confident in the success of the fraternity and the importance of getting more people involved.

“For me it’s important to get involved because I’ve never really been involved in much, but now I’m realizing that KSC has a lot more to offer and giving back to the community is important and it’s a great opportunity to meet people.”

Alex Brown, coordinator of Greek Life and Student Leadership also expressed the importance of being involved and how closely it is tied to Greek Life.

“It’s one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever been a part of and I want all students to find that home and I truly believe there’s a place for everyone, and it all starts with getting involved.”

Hall said that he wants to change the way people view Greek Life through changing the way people look at Fraternities and Sororities in general.

Hall hopes to  eliminate current stereotypes that many students have towards them.

“People have a lot of stereotypes, they say we party too much, we only hangout with ourselves and don’t really do anything besides get in trouble.”

Hall explained how important it is for students to avoid the stereotypes.

“We want students and everyone in general to just keep an open mind, we’re going to be a fraternity yes, but we’re giving back to the community as well, we’re here to help them too.”

Alex Brown expressed how important and beneficial it is to expand Greek Life at KSC.

“I think the expansion of Greek organizations is always a good thing because each fraternity or sorority has their basic principles and values, but they also have their own unique set of values, and that just means more options and more opportunities for students to be able to find the right place for them.”

Brown said that finding the right place and right fit within Greek Life all starts with the connections you have with the other members.

“When you’re choosing between organizations it all starts with the conversations you have with them and you ask yourself if they will be the people who are going to push you to be a better person.”

Whether a student joins Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, or decides to become one of the 35 founding fathers of Sigma Pi International at KSC, or any part of Greek Life in general, Brown said that being a part of Greek Life has a unique and life-changing impact.

“When it’s done right, we have everything you could want for a college experience. We have programs that are designed to help make you a better person, to improve leadership skills, to give back to the community and to be a part of that network and connection that is truly unique.”

Brown continued, “It’s not just four years of college, it’s a lifelong connection and organization that are going to be with you for the rest of your life and truly change you for the better.”

To learn more about Greek Life you may contact the coordinator of Greek Life and Student Leadership, Alex Brown.


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