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Among other areas of discussion, Student Assembly members voiced concern over safety during Pumpkin Festival weekend.

Vice President of Finance and Planning, Jay Kahn held up a poster that will leaflet the walls around campus regarding issues surrounding Pumpkin Fest and ways to control these issues. “I don’t think people are going to read the poster and say oh, I shouldn’t have too many drinks,” Kahn said. However, Kahn hopes that upping staff in the residence halls and having significantly higher numbers of police officers on patrol will help to regulate and enforce rules during of Pumpkin Fest.

“It can get pretty chaotic,” said Kahn. Although, he added, “It is not necessarily because of college students.”

“60 to 70 thousand people will be coming to Keene from all over the place and some will be looking to cause trouble.” Kahn advised assembly board members to watch out for themselves and others during the festival.

In other council news, two students were inducted into Student Government. Senior, Jon Donais, a women and gender studies and sociology major, said he decided he would run and see how he could further help out on campus. Donais is currently the co-president of the Feminist Collective and is in his second year of running Feminist Life, LLC, a living learning community in which he developed.

Senior, Jared Peters was elected as a Senior Class Rep. As a biology major at KSC, Peters is the co-president of the Biology Club and Anthropology Society and is a member of the Beta Beta Beta, the biology honors society. “I woke up one morning and saw on MyKSC announcements that there were student government positions and thought why not do this before it is all over.” Peters, a 5 year senior, said he will be graduating in the spring.

In the Discussion and Action portion of the meeting, there were three budget requests. Co-Presidents for the Holocaust and Genocide Awareness Club, Bridget Love and Brittney Sousa requested a budget of $760.00. All council members voted in favor of this request and the club received the full $760.00.

Proceeding, the Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing Club requested a budget amounting to $544.80. Member, Carley Marston said the club is currently working with the Child Development Center to make winter items for the children. “We are currently making 47 pumpkin hats for all of the kids,” Marston said.  The club received the full $544.80.

The last request came from Student Government President, Colin Daly and Vice President Katelyn Williams. Daly and Williams presented the budget request on behalf of Student Government which amounted to $8,913.00 dollars to host Groove Boston. Groove Boston is a mobile club centered on music. According to the Groove Boston’s website, “Our production designers work with you to bring the vision of your perfect dance club to life.” Daly said last year’s Groove Boston event brought in 700 KSC students, a much larger number than expected.

The exact date that Groove Boston will host an event at KSC is undetermined, but Daly said the date of the event would be towards the end of the semester. “It will be an alternative to going off campus during that weekend. It will be sort of a safe place,” said Daly.


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