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Every year the Habitat For Humanity club at Keene State puts on its annual Hoops for Houses event to raise money for people and communities in need, and this year was no exception.

Despite the rain, the Habitat for Humanity group put on their annual Hoops for Houses event, which helps people all around the world, and provides them with a safer place to live.

Habitat for Humanity president, senior Emily Montplaiser described Habitat for Humanity as a great organization that gives back to people in need.

“Habitat has a location we tied with every year, and it’s a Habitat affiliate, so it can be anywhere in the world. In the past we have donated to Hurricane Katrina relief, last year we donated to South Africa, and this year we are really trying to get local, possibly Vt., or anywhere in the region because our whole thing is this year whoever we give the money to, we kind of want to see it,” Montplaiser said.

“It’s great donating anywhere but since it is a small campus, we have a smaller amount of money. So if it’s more local it will go farther,” she said.

Emily has been involved with the organization for years.

“I have been a part of Habitat for Humanity for all four of my college years,” Montplaisir said. “I was a GM [general member] my freshmen year, fund-raising coordinator sophomore year, treasurer junior year, and now I am the president. So I have slowly worked my way up. “

Every year the Habitat for Humanity club at Keene State puts on the Hoops for Houses event. It has been a tradition for many years past.

Habitat for Humanity Vice President Bonnie Chalmers described the event as being a long running tradition at Keene State.

“We have held this event every year since I have been at Keene State. You pay a dollar, which is a pure donation. We have lots of different prizes. We had to change it a little this year due to the cancellation on Midnight Madness, usually you get a certain amount of t-shirts from the student government. The bookstore is going to be donating items to us which we get to pick out.”

Chalmers has been involved with Habitat for Humanity since she came to KSC.

“I joined Habitat for Humanity as a general member my freshmen year, and started on the Eboard the beginning of my sophomore year and was the volunteer coordinator, and now I am the vice president.”

“The concept is you pay a dollar and you get three chances to make three shots from the foul line.” Montplaisir added, “If you make two of the shots you get a T-shirt. Now normally it takes place on Midnight Madness morning, so you would receive a Midnight Madness T-shirt because those are always so high in demand, and that is what gets people to participate. Unfortunately, Midnight Madness is not happening this year so we be giving away Habitat for Humanity T-shirts instead.“

Montplaisir said they were worried about not getting enough people, and if they could get their annual T-shirt prizes.

Also, the campus bookstore donated free merchandise to the event.

Montplaiser said this year if someone makes one shot, they get a free T-shirt, and if they make two shots, they get a free raffle ticket, and if they make all three shots they get two free raffle tickets.

“It’s more of an incentive for students to contribute,” Montplaiser said. “If you don’t make any shots then you go home with free McDonalds and you could keep trying.”

The event was held last Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Even though it was slightly raining, the event continued.

There were free hamburgers and cheeseburgers, plenty of music, and a street team. The music could be heard throughout the campus. People came out to support the cause even though it was raining.

This year the committee hopes to meet the fundraising goal of last year.

“Last year we had a little difficulty getting people to come, mainly because it was snowing, and it was freezing out. We raised a little over $200  last year, and the year before we raised $300, so this year we are trying to raise at least $300, that’s our goal. It is very different than the past. It’s something that people know goes on every year, and we’re still going on even though we don’t have Midnight Madness going along with it,“ Chalmers said. “We hope to raise enough money this year to give back to communities in need.”


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