Keene State has a wide variety of clubs and student activities they offer for their students; however, many don’t know about the process of creating your own club.

Forming and maintaining a club is a great way to become socially active and meet people who share similar interests.

No matter how obscure or unique your interests are, someone out there may have experience or at least an interest in learning about the topic.

Time passes by in a blink of an eye and before you know it, our college careers come to an end.  If you are passionate about a particular activity or subject you should highly consider starting a club of your own.

Rather than sitting around and experiencing the same old repetitive day over and over, become an active student and go create something.

I believe it is in our best interest to take full advantage of Keene State and become active in student organizations.

So where does a student go to take the initial steps in forming a club?

In order to gain recognition the member initiating the club will need to collect signatures of at least ten members or a petition of one hundred students who support the creation of the organization.

The student must find a faculty member who is willing to sign off to be an advisor for the group.   Finally, after completing these steps the organizer must submit a letter to the chairperson of the Student Assembly and wait for approval.

If the proposed student group is accepted after being reviewed, the club may be eligible for funding from the student activity fee.

Once the organization has been formed it is up to the students to manage and maintain the club.

Electing roles and responsibilities for leading members is necessary in keeping a club alive and running smoothly.

It is important to assign hard-working, trustworthy people into various positions. Dividing the work that needs to be done makes your job as the club’s founder easier.

Finding other students who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to help make the group a success is important.  The organization should conduct regularly scheduled meetings to discuss issues that are pressing to the club.

As long as leaders follow the financial policies and procedures of the student assembly, the organization may collect dues from members or may be funded by the student government.

Running and maintaining a student club can be a valuable learning experience.  Taking charge and making things happen around campus is a very selfless and honorable thing to do.

Leaders who go out and create organizations are contributing to the Keene State community.  Taking the first step in spawning a new student club could be very rewarding to all that participate.

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