Monadnock Truth Alliance marches for 9/11 victims

Jon Carey

Equinox Staff


Sept. 11, 2001 is a day that will live in the hearts and minds of Americans for the remainder of their lives.

On this day we celebrate the ones who have been affected by this tragic day.

One particular group of people, to show support, marched down Main St. of Keene to pay tribute and pursue the truth behind the attacks.

Deb Crowder of the Monadnock Truth Alliance, and art teacher for the Monadnock Regional High School, formed the committee in honor of the victims of Sept. 11, but also to pursue the truth.

Crowder explained that the march is not intended for any disrespect towards those who were affected, but to give truth to this tragic event and expose who was behind it.

“We don’t march to disrespect the families, but some of them want the truth because most of them don’t know the truth. This is an extremely sensitive day for everyone, we are here to honor the fallen and we want the pursuit of the truth,” Crowder said.

The march, which commenced right outside the Keene State College arches Sunday morning, gathered followers to walk down Main St. and congregated around the common located at the end of Main St.

“The Monadnock Truth Alliance had been planning this march since the summer, and the alliance wouldn’t even exist if the research wasn’t put in and victims hadn’t pushed for the alliance to become a reality,” Crowder explained.

She also mentioned how the film festival on Saturday gave Crowder a chance to show films on Sept. 11 and the mysteries behind this tragic event.

“I let people watch the DVD’s on 9/11 and the truth behind the tragedy, I’m not going to tell people what to think because they don’t listen. They just believe in what they’re told through Fox News, NBC, or even NPR.”

Other supporters of the march voiced out about all the information provided to us through the internet that explains the truth behind Sept. 11.

“Nobody will debate the facts, the media knows they’ll lose the arguments against the facts, so they just stick to their message,” said Mark Lathrop, supporter for the Monadnock Truth Alliance.

“News Corporation controls five major news corporations and the information airway for the media, what the media is doing is called perception management,” Lathrop stated.

The fact the alliance is trying to prove is how much information is kept from Americans by the media.

We rely on the media to deliver the truth and if Americans are lead to believe something when they shouldn’t, that’s ethically and morally wrong.

“We don’t even know who was behind it. The government can change events to manipulate Americans to go to war and make people rally around the flag,” said Crowder.

Most of the facts are just one click away on the internet and the alliance encourages people to seek out the truth by looking at the facts.

Crowder spoke out that many people don’t even know about Building Seven, which mysteriously collapsed the day of Sept. 11, 2001.

“If you look at both Twin Towers and Building Seven, people don’t even realize how much science is behind the truth. People don’t even know about Building Seven; that these were controlled demolitions.”

Architect and engineer expert and supporter of the Truth Alliance, Jack Meagher, explained the information he has come across about the unexplained building collapses.

“You can tell just from the debris of the Twin Towers and the leftover metal scraps that explosives were used to bring down both buildings. The collapse of Building Seven is an exact replica of a controlled demolition, in that the center of the building fell first, followed by the rest of the structure,” Meagher said.

The Monadnock Truth Alliance formed the march not to prove the conspiracy theories or to make a mockery of the tragedy.

The group marched so they could pay tribute to those who suffered loss in the attacks, and to reach out and relay the message of truth.

Supporters of the alliance believe the more people get involved with the facts, the more truth will be revealed.

“You have people questioning the truth, but the media won’t tell you what really happened. Once you become involved and start reading up on the facts, it’s quite overwhelming,” Meagher said.

Crowder said, “Being open to the information we’re trying to give can only help. There is so much information on the internet that can lead to the truth, but there is something wrong with what we’re being told through the media.”


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