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On August 8, in Tulsa, Arizona it was about 107 degrees.  That was not exactly the weather here in New England when Dr. Paul Baures arrived.  Dr. Baures, his partner, Lisa Thompson, and their dog, Gracie, made their move from Arizona so he [Dr. Baures] could fulfill his position as the David F. Putnam Department of Chemistry Chair at Keene State College.

Dr. Baures has some extensive background in chemistry.  After receiving his B.S. for chemistry from Winona State University, he went on to receive his M.S. (for organic chemistry) and Ph.D (for medicinal chemistry) at the University of Minnesota.  Most people stop at their Ph.D; however, Dr. Baures was not one of them.  He went on to get his post-doctoral in bioorganic chemistry at Texas A&M University.  Looking at all the different places he has attended for school, New Hampshire is the ninth state in which he has lived.

“We [at Keene State] are excited to have Dr. Baures here for two things,” Provost of Keene State, Mel Netzhammer said.  “One of the reasons is Dr. Baures has a strong record of scholarship in which he includes his students through an undergraduate research program.”

Netzhammer also added that he believes Baures is a national leader in the area and “will certainly find the graciousness of our community to be a positive one.”

There are several goals Dr. Baures has for being at Keene: research, teaching and service.  Being the chair, Baures has an “added emphasis on research.”  The teaching part is pretty self-explanatory.  Service has several different meanings.  Dr. Baures will provide service to his department, the college, and his field.

“I can serve the college by being on college committees, and to my field, by reviewing grants or papers written by other scientists,” Dr. Baures explained.

One of Dr. Baures’ projects he is currently working on has to deal with Lyme disease, which comes from ticks.

“Growing up along the Mississippi River (in Fountain City, Wisconsin), there was a lot of deer around, which is where Lyme disease originates from,” Dr. Baures said.

In Oklahoma, there wasn’t much of a scare of Lyme disease, however now being in the Keene area Baures says, “It is more prevalent here.”  It is one reason in which he can’t wait to continue his research while being here in Keene.

The honor of being the Chair means a lot to Baures.  He said that he is going to live up to David Putnam, and Putnam was an inspiration for Baures.  The science center at KSC was named in honor of Putnam, in 2009, “for his lifetime support of chemistry and the arts and sciences,” President Helen Giles-Gee said.  The Putnam family is still in close connections with Keene State College.

While Dr. Baures is taking on his new role as Chair, he is teaching in addition to keeping up with his research.  He is taking on a light teaching load, so he can put a lot of focus into his research, from which Keene, along with other communities, will be able to benefit.  When speaking about the future, Baures still sees himself here at Keene State.

“I’ll have a more active role, and help students to reach their dreams,” Baures said.  He also stated that “teachers live vicariously through students.”  When students come back and share where their future has taken them, teachers get a good feeling.  Teachers help put students on the right track, like a “stepping stone.”

People at KSC can expect great things to come from Dr. Baures’ recent arrival.  Dr. Baures has the ability to take on his position and succeed with his students and colleagues.  With his dedication to his projects and the involvement with his students, he is sure to excel here at KSC.  Dr. Baures has a lot of support here and people can count on him as well.

“He can expect the support that he needs to create exciting learning experiences for our students,” Netzhammer said.  He also adds, “That we will be able to call on him to share his expertise and commitment to teaching with students, faculty and alumni.”

Dr. Baures is committed to KSC. He wants nothing more than to see his students succeed.  He wants to live through his students so that when they come back and share stories with him he knows he was an influence in some way.  With all of Dr. Baures’ experience he is sure to have many students that will come back and share with him their success and how him being here at KSC made all the difference.


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