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Kristyn Bellino

Equinox Staff


A passion for helping, dedication to her work, and fighting for others’ lives are just some of the things sophomore Rebecca Lazinsk does.

Raising over $24,234.91 at Keene State College’s recent event “Relay for Life,” Lazinsk describes her hard work as second nature for her.

Lazinsk describes Relay for Life as an overnight non-stop walk for the American Cancer Society.  She claims in a sense that cancer does not sleep and neither will everyone fighting for a cure.

“I do all that I can every day to help fight with the American Cancer Society. Bringing awareness to KSC really just makes me want to fight harder.” Lazinsk stated.

Lazinsk not only brings awareness to the ACS around Keene State, but has been bringing awareness  back in her home town of Connecticut since 2005.

“I have lost five people in my life battling cancer including my mother. Helping to find a cure is a big part of who I am.” Lazinsk said.

Lazinsk stated that she never has a dull moment in her life.  She dedicates most of her time to planning Relay events and the rest of her time to various organizations on campus, as well as working with the community service office.

“I definitely have other things going on in my life, but Relay for Life has grown to be such a huge part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Lazinsk said.

Lazinsk makes it very clear that planning huge events like Relay for Life is anything but an easy task, but all the work pays off.

“I decided to bring the idea of Relay for Life to KSC back in 2010. The first year was amazing, but this year we made a lot of money, had 9 survivors with us, 34 teams and 311 registered participants,” said Lazinsk.

Having a large support system is also something that has helped Lazinsk get to where she is today.

“My father is my best friend. Everyone in my home community, and everyone in the Keene community has been so supportive of me through everything and I couldn’t do all this without them.”

One of Lazinsk’s best friends, Jillian Toce from Merrimack College and a big part of  Lazinsk’s  life, claimed that Lazinsk is a truly unique person inside and out.

“She is definitely the most dedicated, caring, and busy person that I know,” Toce said. “I have seen her transform, especially over the past couple years, ito an incredible young adult. I am very proud of the person that she has become.”

While being a secondary education and social science major, Lazinsk is also very well respected by her professors.

Education professor Elizabeth Dubois is very glad she has got to see how much of a passionate student Lazinsk is both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Motivated in part by her own personal story, Becca has done incredible work in the area of raising awareness and money for cancer research.” Dubois stated.

Dubois also claimed she is very honored by all that Lazinsk has done.

“Becca is driven to make a difference. She already has and I have no doubt that she will continue to do so. I am honored to know her,” Dubois said.

Coordinator of Community Service, Mary McEntee, claims Lazinsk is such an amazing student and person.

“No other student has raised as much money for a charitable organization in the five years that I have worked at KSC.  Becca has accomplished more at 20 years old than most people accomplish in their life time.  She inspires me every day!” said McEntee.

With two more years left in her undergraduate education, Lazinsk continues to fight against cancer by organizing relay events.

“I believe there is a cure for cancer out there. I think a big part of what  I do is to hope that someday a cure will be found,” Lazinsk said.


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