‘Zombies’ attack Keene State campus

New ‘Human versus Zombies’ club on campus proves intense and exciting for its members

Ryan Loredo

Equinox Staff


Swarms of zombies will become a normal sight for Keene State College as a new club becomes known for their modified game of tag.

Humans Vs. Zombies can best be described as a modified game of tag involving two teams: humans and zombies. Since the game’s start at Goucher College in 2005, the game has spread nationwide and has now found its way to KSC.

This is the first time KSC has held a session and it will be the only time this semester the game will commence.

Game moderator Ben Piche would like to have more sessions next year and invites all people who are interested to join the game.

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The game is organized online where over seventy members from KSC alone have registered for the game. The website for KSC is ksc.hvzsource.com.

When players register they will be given an ID number to write down on an index card for use in the game.

If a zombie has not tagged a human in the amount of allotted time the individual zombie will “starve and die” meaning they have lost and are unable to play.

Humans will win when all zombies have starved or if there are more humans than zombies in the game after one week.

Zombies will win if all the humans have been turned to zombies. In the history of the game the victorious party has been the zombies, there have been rare occurrences of human teams winning over the horde of the undead.

On Sunday, April 3, the HVZ club held a meeting in the Mountain View Room of the KSC Student Center.

The meeting was held to check Nerf brand blasters to see if they have the potential to harm any players, to go over the general rules and strategies of the game, and to sign up for subgroups of humans made to protect players of the game from zombie ambushes.

The subgroups were created to give humans a fighting chance in the game by escorting people from building to building and to help humans with missions.

KSC student Jackson King is starting, as he puts it, “a subgroup of a subgroup.” His strategy for the game is, as he says, “Just staying off the main routes I guess, trying to keep off of Appian Way mostly.”

Other members plan to use strategies such as staying in groups, using the buddy system, and being paranoid about every player of the game.

KSC student Jesse Jodoin commented on her strategy saying “Paranoia, pretty much. Just a whole lot of paranoia, don’t trust anyone, that type of thing.”

At the Sunday meeting, players introduced new modifications to their blasters such as longer barrels, double clipped ammo clips, and even making totally new tools.

KSC student Chris Mitrano talked about his blow dart zombie survival tool saying “I have this PVC pipe and it is very effective and very accurate.”

Another KSC student and moderator Paul Mazzola modified his Nerf blaster with two clips taped to each other,. He stated why he did this, saying, “We found that if you just tape it together [the two ammo clips] you save like five bucks.”

There are rules to this game in order to make it safe for non-players. Players must only shoot zombies and cannot shoot non-players. Moderator Ben Piche said this is “a bannable offense” because he wants to have this game available in the future for KSC.

Players cannot play indoors unless specified by special missions. Players must pick up any Nerf brand darts in order to respect the campus.

Vehicles are also not allowed to be used in the playing of this game. Any other rules can be found on the website for the game. Students must also stay on campus and cannot leave the campus for a maximum of twenty-four hours.

Students who are commuters can become “mercenaries,” as said by Piche.

The only difference in being a mercenary is in the end they will not count towards a human win. Students who are not playing the game will be notified through a statement on MyKSC given by the club about the game.

“We will be sending out an announcements though campus security. They have asked us to prepare a small statement for them explaining the game and giving them contact information.”

Faculty club advisor for the club Becca Hickam is the Coordinator of Experiential Education for KSC.

She commented on the club’s progress saying, “The leadership of the club seems really put together and they have all their ducks in a row. So it’s been a fairly easy job so far.”

Students who are interested to play the game should register on the site for more information.


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