The flavor of farewell

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This week’s flavor…the last lick.

It seems like just yesterday our parents were dropping us at the curb with all of our boxes filled with the millions of things we thought we could cram into a room the size of a car.

But yesterday is now a memory and next week we will walk across that stage in our funny shaped hats and oversized gowns swallowing our pride and  leave the last four years of our lives at KSC behind.

The only thing I can really ask myself right now is: Where did the time go? I feel like I just told myself 12 months ago that I only had a year left to graduate so I better live this one up to the fullest. And here I am now, scared to death about what my life will be like once I accept that diploma.

Writing the Flavor of the Week was not meant to make anyone angry, or to sound like an opinion writer for a magazine, but to write about things my audience wanted to read and that everyone else was afraid to talk about. Things that needed to be said, words that would make people realize that they were not the only ones who thought about them.

I look back on silly things, sad things, some things I wish I never did, and the things I still wish I could do, and I can honestly say to myself the college era of my life will be the most memorable.

We think back to when we were freshmen when our parents, teachers and friends told us how much we would change in four years and we never believed it. Now we go backwards on Facebook looking at all of our old photos and think, “God, what the heck was I thinking?”

We thought our high school relationships would last forever and no one could replace our friends from home, but we’ve grown such an attachment for our college cliques we can’t even imagine living without these people in our lives.

We considered transferring because we were uncomfortable with the adjustment of living with your parents to living alone. But now, when we look back on this we are so glad we didn’t because we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We never thought we would go to bars because the house parties were like no other experience at KSC, now here we are going to a new bar every night and steering far away from parties.

We can’t believe how much passion we have dedicated to the things we care most about here. Or the bond we have created with the people we never thought we would speak to outside of work.

We never expected to have feelings for those people that made us fall, and now that we’re leaving we are not sure how to say goodbye with the perfect closure.

A lot of us came here knowing what we wanted to do, and changed our minds and majors five or six times; maybe even some of us wish we could go back and change it again.

We started to become accustomed to certain routines every day that seemed to get boring after a while, but now that we know we won’t be doing them anymore, we wish we never took them for granted.

At KSC we’ve found best friends, worst enemies, good grades, mistakes, and, most importantly, we’ve found ourselves.

So when you take your last walk down Appian Way next week remember all the times you’ve had here, the times that you’re leaving behind. Remember to live the rest of your life to the fullest, remember to laugh at all your memories, and remember if you love someone to tell them, because it’s never too late.

Who knows who or where we will be in the next 10 years. But what we do know is that at one point in time we were all a part of each others’ lives and together we made these four years the most entertaining, dramatic, exciting ones in our whole lifetime.


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