A life-changing experience


Do you think you have too much time on your hands? Do you wish you had somewhere to go when everything else in your life is a mess? Do you want to give back but you’re just not sure how? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, I would highly encourage you to become more involved and join  a KSC organization.

I know you may think there is not one for you, but our campus offers a variety of things that benefit everyone differently. Let me explain. When I first walked into the Equinox meeting in room 309 in the Student Center, I expected nothing and  I can honestly say I will be leaving in a month with the best learning experience and memories.

Even if you’re not a journalism major or do not like to write, I can assure you, there is a position for every kind of person. I am sure this is also the same for groups like SAC, Circle K, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

After being a staff writer for The Equinox for a year, I decided I wanted to take my writing skills to the next level and become a member of the executive board. After  a lot of hard work and an interview, I became a little piece of the puzzle of The Equinox organization.  I already had my groups of friends and was just expecting this position to be like any job. In the beginning  a lot of us did not get along. We made a lot of mistakes, and  really had to adjust to our new positions. There was fighting, an enormous amount of work to be done, and a lot of drama. Basically to sum it up, we would have had a great shot at “True life: I Work for a College Newspaper.”

As the year moved on, we started to figure out who each individual really was and recognized our strengths and weaknesses.

Of course some members did not last the full time, and it was really hard losing them, but it only made us stronger and also prepared us for the real world.

After a long seven months, we actually started to get along and started to form a bond just like any other group. I never thought this was possible, but  when you spend five days across the country with a variety of people at a journalism conference, it can really have an impact on you.

We are the definition of a fishbowl group of friends. We have the funny one who always makes us laugh even if the joke is extremely awkward, the serious one who keeps us in line, the procrastinator who never finishes on time, the beginners who want to change the future of the paper, the brainiac, the one who has no patience, the one who has too much patience, and myself, the chatty Cathy that can’t ever keep her mouth shut.

The truth is when you take a group of 15 strong personalities and you are forced to work together you get a lot of chaos. But you also get a whole new group of friends that you never thought you would even associate yourself with.

Of course we are in it for the learning experience, but that has been there all along. What caught us by surprise is how close we all became and how much we improved our work and each other.
All together we make an amazing e-board that I wish never had to separate. But just like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever.

It is up to you to have an experience in your lives like we did. When you walk away from KSC four years later this could be one of your best memories, maybe even a life changing experience, so start anywhere.
See where you fit in best, and who knows what kind of change you could make on this campus.


Kristyn Bellino can be contacted at kbellino@keeneequinox.com.

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