On Monday, March 28, the tickets for Spring Weekend “It’s a Fiasco” went on sale in the Student Center and online for Sam Adams, and my personal favorite rapper, Lupe Fiasco. Finally, the Social Activities Council hit a home run when it came to picking a musical guest and I was actually excited to go to Spring Weekend.

However, with the ability to purchase two tickets per Keene State College student, 2100 tickets sold out in four hours; simply astonishing seeing as last year Dashboard Confessional tickets were posted on Craigslist.com. Luckily, I was able to snipe two tickets before they went on sale.

Many of my friends are already complaining about, “What am I going to have to do to get to this concert?” Luckily, there is already a black market starting on Craigslist.com for the concert. The tickets were posted on Craigslist.com on March 7, exactly three weeks before they were available to KSC students. Is this just an entrepreneur banking on the fact that he was going to be able to get tickets? Unfortunately a new bit of controversy developed and was addressed on the SAC website. Apparently, there were three students who were able to buy tickets both in person and online, thus doubling the amount of tickets available to them. Hopefully SAC will be able to learn and fix this mistake in the future.

The tickets then became available on Craigslist.com for $40. I do understand the allure to make a quick buck, especially at the end of the year, I really do. At the end of a semester, a dollar becomes more and more valuable as the beer aficionado suddenly switches to Bud Light. I do have a problem with this student trying to make four times the price of a student ticket. Do they not know that everyone is in the same situation?

To celebrate my friend’s birthday we were going to go to this concert and now I have to tell him that he has two choices: either pay $40 or don’t come to the concert. There’s a student who obviously had no interest going to this concert and figured he would try to take two very valuable tickets and screw their fellow students out of going to the biggest event of the year. I do understand it but I do not agree with it.

One other possibility for this concert selling out so quickly is this pretentious YouTube prick that is opening for Lupe. Yes, the one and only Sam Adams, famous for his song “I Hate College,” a remake of “I Love College” by Asher Roth. I cannot call Adams’ version a remix because a remix means the song was different than the original. The “Hate” version is essentially a carbon copy of “Love,” as both talk about how much they love to party. It is frustrating that someone so shallow is opening for one of the deepest lyrical rappers of our generation.

Last semester, after J. Cole performed in the Mabel Brown Room, two thirds of the crowd quickly filed out with no interest of seeing We The Kings. I am worried about this happening with Sam Adams and Lupe Fiasco. I hear so many people, mostly girls, talking about how they love Adams’ music and how good he looks.

If the J. Cole situation were to happen to Lupe Fiasco, I will be absolutely furious. In all honesty, I feel that is what will happen and have solid reasoning behind it. Fiasco is very much an African American activist. Take a closer look at my favorite song off his new album Lasers, “All Black Everything.” “Stayed in Africa/
We ain’t never leave/
So there were no slaves in our history/
Were no slave ships, were no misery, call me crazy, or isn’t he/
See I fell asleep and I had a dream, it was all black everything.” Although the message is inspiring and quite catchy, perhaps the message would reach more people if this were the campus at Howard University rather than KSC. Perhaps the KSC student body will surprise me, but many examples of indifference to social issues and intolerant racial remarks I have heard over the four years have me doubtful.

With all that said, I am still looking for tickets. My contact information is listed below.


Chris Thelin can be contacted at


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