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Students have enough to stress about when entering college without having to worry about gaining the freshman 15.

Starting off on the right foot could be overwhelming, with the classes we are enrolled in and the social life everyone hopes to have.
So why do we have to put emphasis on the choices we make when we enter the Dining Commons?

Packages of healthy cookies and bags of trail mix filled the tables at the back of the Mountain View Room Tuesday, March 22. At 2 p.m., author of “Fill Up, Not Out” Franceen Friefeld came to address students and faculty on the importance of healthy eating.

Considering the workload many pile up, there is not much time to factor in a diet or an eating schedule on a daily basis. Friefeld wanted to assure students that we can still eat the foods of our choice while we maintain a healthy body.

“It is important that there is some credible education for people of all ages and students,” Friefeld said.

As the lecture began, she spoke about the different strategies to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She said it is difficult for students to follow one way of eating with all the different messages that are being portrayed.

When we enter a parking lot, it is often times that we will see a weight watchers next to a fast food restaurant. How are we supposed to choose, she asked.

“There are so many mixed messages in the market place today and so much misinformation,” continued Friefeld.

However, Friefeld assured everyone that we are still able to eat the foods that we enjoy, but we have to understand our limits and have an understanding of when to stop. Friefeld offered suggestions that would give everyone an idea of where they stand.

When the morning rolls around, pancakes and bacon are usually on students’ mind.

The fruits and cereals tend to be left out and we keep depriving our bodies with the nutrients we need.

“It’s about developing healthy relationships with food, not be afraid of it,” Friefeld said.

Friefeld began listing different options that are not only healthy but satisfying as well.

Sugar free cereals combined with regular cereals or adding fresh fruit to our plate of waffles or french toast.

Portion control was also mentioned throughout the lecture. Instead of having three big meals, students should consider having snacks throughout the day.

This way when it is time for dinner, we do not have to worry about overeating and making ourselves sick to the stomach.

“It’s about learning that you don’t have to feel deprived; you can enjoy your food,” Friefeld said. Although it is acceptable to eat foods that satisfy us, there are times nutritious options are the best fit. Instead of having a bag of chips and a glass of soda, having cheese and crackers is a better alternative.

“If you don’t fuel your body correctly, it makes everything more difficult,” said Stephanie Vella, a dietetic intern at Keene State College.

Food is very important in our society today.


“ It’s about learning that you don’t have to feel deprived; you can enjoy your food.”
Franceen  Friefeld



Without food, people are unable to function correctly and this inhibits us to continue on with our daily routines.

It is crucial that we supply our body with the proper foods in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. “You don’t necessarily need to deprive yourself, there are lots of good things out there to eat. A balanced plate is really important,” said Mary Jensen, coordinator of sustainability programs.

The Dining Commons provides students with a variety of options to select daily.

Students may be picky and not want to choose to eat certain foods, but by switching it up we are provided with a great way to energize ourselves.

“I hope that students can use and appreciate the ‘Fill Up, Not Out’ concept of the balanced plate and apply it in the Dining Commons,” said Rebecca Briggs, nutritionist at KSC.

Friefeld is hopeful the lecture impacted the audience for the long run as well as the next couple of days.

“It’s for today, it’s for tomorrow, and it’s for down the road,” Friefeld said.


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