Owls spring athletes return from Fla. to reach preseason expectations

Ryan Glavey

Equinox Staff

It was a little fun, but mostly games for the Keene State College spring sports teams over Spring Break.

Over Spring Break most college students head to warmer climates to relax and enjoy their week off.

The KSC spring sports teams followed suit heading down to Orlando, Fla. for Spring Break. However, they were there to work.

“We practiced at least once a day and played two games down there,” men’s lacrosse head coach Mark Theriault said.

Every year the spring sport teams take a trip to a warmer climate. The teams spent their time in Florida taking advantage of the warm weather that New Hampshire just doesn’t offer this time of year.

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The teams use their time in the warmer climate to get some quality practice time outdoors and play some games in the early part of their season.

The KSC baseball team had a great showing during their time down south.

“We played eight games in eight days and won seven of eight of them,” head coach Ken Howe said.

Howe said he feels the team has a very good team this year, and top to bottom their lineup features players that can do a lot to help the team.

“It’s always nice when nothing goes wrong on a trip,” Howe said, “We had one injury, but we hope he’ll bounce back quickly.”

Howe said he liked what he saw from his team during their trip.

He said that the Little East Conference is one of the most competitive conferences in Division III baseball, but he likes his chances with his team this year.

The men’s lacrosse team played two games while in Florida.

The squad beat Geneseo State 10-9 in a big overtime win. Geneseo State is ranked 18th in the nation and had defeated KSC the last two times they played them. However, the Owls also suffered a frustrating 9-6 loss to Springfield.

“The loss to Springfield gives us an opportunity to be humbled,” Theriault said. “So we don’t go into the bulk of our schedule cocky.”

Theriault said sophomore goalie Kevin LeSage played extremely well in the game against Geneseo State.

He also said that the defense overall played a great game and don’t always get the recognition they deserve.

The women’s lacrosse team’s only game over the break was against Wheaton College. The Owls lost 15-12.

“It was a good game and we played well but just came up short,” senior lacrosse player Annie Brown said.

“We never put our heads down and played every second; we just weren’t able to pull off the win.”

The softball team had a very busy spring break, playing in a total of 12 games throughout the week, including five doubleheaders.

The Owls competed in the Dot Richardson Tournament and had three additional games on top of that.

They went 8-4 in their games, and 6-3 in the tournament.

Although the teams do use this trip to take advantage of the good weather down south, the trip is really about more than just practicing.

“We have to get lacrosse stuff in, but its very important bonding time,” Theriault said.

Brown said that the teams are with each other 24/7 while down there, which is a big part of coming together as a unit.

Of course the players did have some free time and took full advantage of it.

“We practiced twice a day, but we also made time for some other things such as a kickboxing class and a day at Universal [Studios],” Brown said.

Theriault said that the men’s lacrosse team also spent a day at Universal Studios while in Orlando. He said it’s good to let the team have a day of fun while they’re down there.

He said that these players give up their Spring Break for four years and they get down there and really work hard, so they’ve earned it.

It’s a big sacrifice giving up one’s Spring Break to go on these team trips. It shows the dedication and commitment of these athletes. Of course, it probably doesn’t take much to get a player to travel from New Hampshire to Florida for a week.

The annual spring sport spring break trip is a great opportunity for teams to get outside in the warm weather, as well as a great opportunity for players to bond as a team.


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