Administrator announces lack of support for Pumpkin Fest

Allie Bedell

Equinox Staff


On Tuesday, March 29, the Keene State College Student Assembly discussed the budget cuts proposed by the state legislature in regards to the University System of New Hampshire.

These cuts would mean a rise in tuition for students, despite efforts by all of the colleges’ administrations to cut elsewhere. KSC seniors Hannah Hayes and Donnie Clemmenson are working to draft a letter to the N.H. House representing students’ opposition to the proposed cuts. A statewide boycott of classes is being considered. Students may attend a forum hosted by President Helen Giles-Gee on Wednesday, April 6 from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Mabel Brown Room to learn about the college’s commitment to cutting budgets across campus.

Vice President of Student Affairs Andy Robinson discussed the college’s concern surrounding the Keene Pumpkin Festival this fall. He said the college worries about the safety of students as well as the police force required on campus during the event, as it draws large crowds and has caused issues in the past. Robinson noted that many of the issues surrounding Pumpkin Fest have given the college a bad reputation, but oftentimes confrontations are instigated by non-residents.

“The Cabinet has expressed some serious doubt about our ability to support Pumpkin Festival,” he said.

Robinson said the college will oppose Pumpkin Fest in its current form during meetings with the planning committee, but will continue on campus activities, like Pumpkin Lobotomy, regardless of the fate of the city of Keene’s event. He explained however, that if serious changes were made, such as holding Pumpkin Fest during the day or on a Sunday to make it more family oriented, the college could support it.

Applications for student club office spaces are being accepted through Monday, April 4 and can be found online.


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