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From Exhausted to Refreshed, Keene State College Students Return to Campus

It’s been more than two weeks since the students of Keene State returned to campus from winter break. For the thirty-two days between December 16th of 2022 to January 17th 2023, students have been given time to decompress from the previous semester. The student center is once again filled with students all throughout the day. Junior Jasmine Gleason is already feeling the effects of the semester. She’s “exhausted already.” After spending her winter break in Ireland, she “had a day in between and came here [Keene State College].” 

Gleason’s professors wasted no time. “We jumped right into the curriculum,” but despite how fast her classes are moving, Gleason said she is still feeling good about the coming semester. “I feel like it’s gonna be a tough one, but it’ll be great.”

Freshman Pete Schmidt’s return to Keene State has been a more positive experience. “I’m feeling good. I’ve gotten to know the place a lot better,” he said. Schmidt mentioned how he’s feeling better than his first semester. “Last semester I was a little uncomfortable – New place, new people; but, this semester, I’m feeling good.”

Schmidt isn’t the only first-year feeling good about their return to campus. First-year Molly McCrae has also been having a successful semester so far. The winter break was beneficial for McCrae,  who said, “Personally, I’m feeling really refreshed.” 

She described being “excited for classes” and that “the spring semester has a really great start to it.”McCraeis particularly excited about her classes relating to her graphic design major. She mentioned that “this semester I’ve dived into the art side of that [graphic design]. I’m exploring a different side to my major this semester.”


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