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Junior Allison Gibbons, the president of the new Improv Club, described improv as “acting without a script, kind of going off of what you have been given and working off of that.”

The club goes over events, practices, and discusses concepts with one another. “We usually start off with whatever we need to…talk about such as…maybe if we have an event coming up…lately, it’s been about how to get more people interested in it,” Gibbons said.

Previously, an Improv Club under the name 3 Ways ‘Til Sunday was active on campus, until the COVID-19 pandemic. Gibbons said that this semester, the club is looking for new members to help rebuild. “My biggest advice…is just explore…don’t be nervous, have fun. [Improv Club] is always…a safe place…just try and get your foot in the door…whether that’s watching from the outside and participating in a few things,” Gibbons said.

Now that the club has been re-established, Gibbons said that she is hoping to do some events in the near future.

“We haven’t really had any events yet, but… we’re hoping for…next semester, because it would just be a little bit too tight…to do it this semester…we are hoping to work towards having a performance,” Gibbons said.

The Improv Club has a meeting every Friday at 5 p.m. in the Student Center Room 309.

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