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On Friday, Nov. 18, 2022, Keene State celebrated the class of 2023 with the annual Red and White Night event. By 8 p.m., the Dining Commons was transformed into a dancing area with tables full of food and a bar on the upper level. Seniors came dressed in either red, white, or black semi-formal attire to attend this prom-like event. 

Senior Brandon Chretien, a business major, said, “It’s nice to see everyone, for the last major thing so far, it’s exciting.” Red and White Night allows seniors to connect with everyone again, especially people they could have lost contact with as college progressed. 

In years prior, Red and White Night had to make accommodations for COVID. Since the pandemic set back Red and White Night in the past two years, class of 2023 President Abby Cohen said the class executive board did not have the memory to draw inspiration from when planning the event. 

“We were definitely stressed planning it because we had only seen one our freshman year and then one last year, and both of them were completely different,” said Cohen. 

This year there were no restrictions. “We did not know what to expect,” Cohen said. 

Setting up Red and White Night takes a lot of work. Contracts have to be made and a lot of planning has to be done, according to Cohen. She acknowledged all the planning that was put into this event and wanted to thank everyone for the work they put in. 

“I want to thank the e-board for 2023 for working so hard all semester and over the summer to plan this, I wanna thank the volunteers and the chaperones, we had a lot of chaperones volunteer, a lot of community directors and staff members which we could not have done without them,” Cohen said.

She continued, “And obviously the class, I wanna shout out to them, we just hope they have a good time and can relax and just enjoy senior year. Our time is coming to an end, but we really hope we can just celebrate all together.” 

Some seniors wanted to say a few parting words to Keene State. Kevin Murley, a senior business management major said, “[I] loved it… Everyone that’s a senior got screwed over with COVID, but other than that it was a f— awesome ride.” 

Dan Lynch, a senior safety major, followed that by saying, “Good friends, good food, good times.”

Hannah Mehlin, a senior political science, and history double major, very enthusiastically said, “Go forth and serve, I love Keene State and all my friends!”

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