On the morning of Feb. 24, 2022, Vladimir Putin announced his “special military operation” in order to gain full control of Ukraine. Russia’s control of the world’s largest armaments of nuclear weapons resulted in thousands of deaths and millions needing to flee their country, creating one of the largest wars since World War ll.

Russia’s war in Ukraine is not talked about enough. Once a point at issue erupts, it is talked about for a bit then loses its status as a priority within a month. This is an example of treating news stories as a trend rather than a real issue. This happened during the Black Lives Matter movement when people would show their support by posting black screens on Instagram with #BlackLivesMatter. It’s always good to show your support, but it doesn’t help the people in need. 

Global leaders have spoken out against the invasion and cannot justify Putin’s decision. Countries around the world have attempted to help slow Putin down by aiding Ukraine’s military, supplying lethal arms, and banning imports of oil, natural gas, coal, and petroleum products from Russia.

If America was in the same shoes as Ukraine and facing the same concerns, there would be broadcast, donations, petitions, and other useful causes available until the war had ended. People believe that since they don’t live in a certain place that has to deal with these barbaric attacks, they don’t have to take action because it doesn’t affect them.

Putin has stated that if any other country interferes with the war, Russia will take immediate action, meaning that Russia could potentially attack other countries. It is never safe to say that you are secure because you aren’t experiencing the obstructive world around you. Even though there is a risk, it would still be better for the world to take action against stopping the war because it would benefit all countries.

Social media platforms such as Twitter tend to have a trending page discussing different news topics that would interest people and inform them of certain things going on in society or in other countries. The war against Ukraine was last trending approximately eight months ago, while celebrities’ relationship statuses and their day-to-day lives have trended numerous times within those months. News topics are beginning to look like reality TV shows instead of informing the public about serious events. The well-being of others should take priority rather than what’s going on in a celebrity’s life.

According to an article from pewresearch.org, “A quarter of adults currently say they are following news about the war extremely or very closely, down from 36% in May.” 

It is important to continue to spread awareness about Ukraine. The more voices that speak out and provide information and help will allow the safety of everybody. Spreading awareness only helps if it is continued. Doing this for a short period of time only helps so much. People need to understand that some things need to be taken seriously, and the war against Ukraine should be everybody’s number one concern right now.

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