Delta Xi Phi (DXP) made a variety of baked goods to fundraise for their chapter, selling them in a bake sale in the Student Center on Wednesday, Nov. 9. 

The bake sale was part of their recruitment process for new members, said junior Abbie Jordan, associate member educator for the sorority. 

“Our associate members hung out last night and baked and had a lot of fun with it,” said Jordan. 

Sophomore Jordan Kroitzsh is a potential new member looking to join the sorority. “We decorated all the cupcakes ourselves,” said Kroitzsh. 

Kroitzsh said they baked gluten and dairy-free cookies, regular chocolate chip cookies, brownies and cupcakes.

Sophomore Jay Stearns is also pledging DXP and said they spent around four hours baking. Stearns said they had full control over what type of fundraising they wanted to do, and they ultimately decided on a bake sale.

“It was fun. It was a really good member bonding moment for us,” said Stearns.

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