A KSC student created a petition to bring back Hootie Days. The petition asks the college to bring back Hootie Day, arguing that students seem more tired both physically and mentally.

“This has been the most normal semester we’ve had since [the] fall of 2019. We are back in the classrooms, we are able to have club meetings, and play sports,” the petition states.

Hootie Days were random days that students were given off throughout the semester during the 2020-21 academic year. Students were not to be assigned any class work on the days off. Hootie Days were instituted during the spring 2021 semester, as spring break was canceled that semester.

KSC Senate’s Academic Standards Committee did not recommend a Hootie Day for the spring 2022 semester because the college still had Spring Break.

“The committee is AGAINST adding one or more Hootie Days to the semester calendar, so long as spring break remains on the spring 2022 calendar,” the meeting minutes say, “Concerns were voiced about the timing (later in semester), emotional harm to staff done in 2021 by Hootie Days and limited capacity of faculty & staff to plan an enriching program.”

According to the petition, “We are only allowed to miss classes if we are positive with COVID[-19]. It feels like professors have little to no sympathy when it comes to our mental health.”

The petition currently seeks 100 signatures. As of the end of the night Tuesday Oct. 18, the petition has around 50 signatures.

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