Abby Provencal

KSC Student Involvement hosted a karaoke night Friday, Oct. 21 in the Night Owl Café (NOC).

Students crowded the NOC for free snacks, drinks and entertainment. Students took turns singing a variety of songs from different genres.

Songs ranging from Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” and the 1981 Journey hit “Don’t Stop Believin’” were belted out on the NOC stage. Audience members weren’t shy with singing along and cheering on their peers.

The KSC women’s lacrosse team took over the front row of audience chairs. A few of the team members tackled a couple of duets, one of them being “Dancing Queen” from the “Mamma Mia!” soundtrack. The Night Owl Cafe still served up their regular free-to-students drinks and popcorn the whole night, as well as having Student Involvement offer their own table of snacks for the karaoke crowd. Some students that were there just for the NOC refreshments ended up staying to watch a performance or two. The crowd stayed at a healthy number throughout the night.

Director of Student Involvement Jess Gagne Cloutier said, “Hopefully, what [students] will recognize is that Student Involvement, we offer a little bit of everything… making sure this is a welcoming and friendly place to be involved. This is for students, and if students have ideas on what they’d like to see, to get in touch with [Student Involvement].”

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