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Student government came to a conclusion regarding the costing split between student activity dollars and the individual student when purchasing student organization apparel. During their meeting on (date), it was determined that the cost would be split evenly, with each party paying for 50 percent.

Junior James Ronning, student assembly treasurer, said the budget is renewed annually . 

Previously, the student activity dollars would pay for 75 percent of the cost and the individual student would pay for the remaining 25 percent. The student activity dollar percentage was increased during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic because student organizations were funding fewer trips and events. Because of this, student government decided to put that money towards apparel purchases instead.

Ronning said the change comes because student organizations are planning to host larger events on campus and partake in more travel this year, rather than allocating that money to smaller purchases or saving it. 

“In order to make that happen, we adjusted that number, that percentage, to make sure we can accommodate the increased expenses,” said Ronning. 

Athletics is not affected by this budget readjustment because they have a separate budget. However, club sports are included under the category of student organizations. 

The student activity dollars come from dues paid when paying for tuition, said Ronning. A portion of that money goes towards the student activity budget and another portion goes towards each student’s class. 

Ronning said student organization trips are not entirely funded by those student activity dollars, but the bulk of it is. Those dollars will cover travel and hotels and possibly the fees to get into the event the organization is traveling to. Students will pay for their food and other activities they take part in during the trip. 

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