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Seniors Paige St. Peter and Patrick Meyer collaborated on a sustainability tour to go along with their individual capstone projects. 

The tour went through three areas of campus for an hour on Oct. 21. Led by different faculty members at each section of the tour, they explained what they do to help make the campus sustainable. 

The tours highlight all aspects of sustainability. They said that most people think of sustainability as just renewable energy and recycling, but it is much more than that; it  encompasses societal aspects as well. “You can’t have a healthy environment without healthy people,” said St. Peter.

The tour began at the TDS center and the heating plant on campus with Bill Rymes, supervisor of plumbing/heating plant operations. It moved forward with Linsey Edmunds, sustainability coordinator, highlighting the Thrifty and Hungry Owl. It ended with Tiffany Mathews, coordinator of wellness education.

St. Peter and Meyer are working on separate projects, but both said they wanted to display sustainability on campus. “We had this idea that we wanted to show off sustainability on campus, and because of that we were able to collaborate,” said Meyer. 

There will be two other tours happening on campus, but Meyer said he would only take part in the first tour because it was more closely related to his own capstone project, a blog about renewable energy and how people can work towards using it. 

“I’m going to be [writing] about what people can do with their home life and how they can transition into using renewable energy sources,” Meyer said. 

He will be using the information he gathered through research on the subject and his own experiences at an internship at a geothermal energy company to help write the blog. 

For the other two tours, St. Peter said it is hard to fit it all into one hour, and the other two tours would continue the work of the first tour. They said they are ultimately working towards creating a virtual tour using the website story maps to have a database of all the sustainable areas on campus to show what the college is doing and what it can be doing to be more sustainable. St. Peter said, “This tour was created in conjunction with that to give it real world context.” 

Edmunds expressed her excitement for the project, as she said she gives sustainability tours for class. “I’m only one person, so I can’t do that for every single class, so it would be really awesome if there was, and there will be soon once Paige is finished with their project, an online web based version,” she said.

She said the school also offers composting and recycling throughout campus. Even within academics, the school offers classes on sustainability and the environment. “Sustainability really touches every aspect of life at Keene State,” said Edmunds.

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