The Keene State bookstore is home to all things KSC merchandise, but the price tags on items in the store are very daunting.

The Equinox thinks there needs to be a renegotiation of the Barnes and Noble and KSC contract for the bookstore to better work around the wants and needs of the student body.

A lot of the clothing merchandise in the bookstore on campus seems to be excessively more expensive than the average clothing prices. Most of the crewneck sweatshirts are over $50, and most t-shirts are over $30. The KSC athletics labeled apparel, specifically, have some significantly higher price tags compared to the rest of the store with athletic team t-shirts starting at $39.99.

A solution to this situation would be to lower the prices of bookstore clothing so students won’t be turned away by a high price tag. It can be assumed that students will buy more college merchandise more often if it was not so expensive. Students don’t want to feel like they’re being further nickeled-and-dimed for their money, especially after they paid tuition.

Chopping prices is an easier said-than-done solution, but we strongly believe that students would buy more college clothing merchandise if it was less expensive. There is also the option to have a continuous and long-term student discount that could be applied to students buying college merchandise from the bookstore. Even a slight discount for all students on every merchandise purchase could help boost sales and increase the number of students repping the KSC colors.

Another option we propose is the possibility for students to use Owl Cash at the bookstore. We recognize that Owl Cash carries over semesters, but not academic years, so when students are left with significant amounts of money in their account by the end of the spring semester. Letting students spend some of the leftover money at the bookstore so they can buy the shirt they’ve had their eye on will do good for both the student and the college.

To some extent, this might be an opportunity for the college to get paid for advertising. When students go home for the holidays, travel and see other parts of the country, they can do it all in KSC merch. When students who come from far away states go home in a Keene State shirt with a KSC bumper sticker on their car, they are bringing more attention to the college. If the students had the opportunity to buy college apparel without breaking the bank, the free advertising starts moving around the country.

The Equinox recognizes that changing the pricing in the bookstore might be easier said than done, but in this situation, price decreases, discounts and alternative payment options at the KSC bookstore could have more positive effects than negatives. We hope the college can renegotiate their price system on KSC apparel in the bookstore so students can proudly represent Keene State without breaking the bank.

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