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The path to Winchester Lot just got a whole lot brighter thanks to new lamps that were added on the path near Joyce Field to the Winchester lot over the summer following student concerns.

Christopher Buckley, Director of Campus Safety and Compliance, said a campus safety panel talked to students about concerns on campus. Students brought to their attention that area being too dim. 

In response, they looked at the area closest to Winchester lot by the tennis courts, agreeing with the student concerns. “We identified that section of the pathway as very dark,” said Buckley. 

Joe Britton, supervisor for Grounds, said, “I’ve been working with Campus Safety quite a bit because a lot of times students will say that area is very dark.” He said they went out around 4 a.m. to identify spots in need of lighting improvements.

Britton noted that they couldn’t improve the lighting in that area because the lamp posts had an older type of wiring. “By changing those to LED and running new lines beyond it, it was able to feed the whole leg of it. That was a lot of compliments to Marc [Doyon] and the electricians for figuring out we could actually illuminate that section of the trail,” said Britton.

Britton noted that they added five or six new lamps to the area to brighten up the pathway. 

However, the new lighting for the tennis courts was delayed due to supply chain issues, Director of Facility Services Marc Doyon said in an email to The Equinox.

“We expect them [with]in the next few weeks at which time we will install them,” Doyon said.

In addition, Britton said they will go out to clear brush that could potentially be blocking light and visibility. “It helps lighting, but it also helps visibility, we try to keep it as clear as we legally can,” he said. The college can’t manage the region closest to the Winchester Lot entrance because the Ashuelot Rail Trail is owned by the State Trail System, he said. 

Because of this, no new lighting will be added to that section of the Ashuelot Rail Trail that goes through campus. 

Members of Facility services manage the area as needed throughout the year.

Doyon said that wiring has been attached to each of the lamps to allow Campus Safety to attach cameras to monitor the area in the future.

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