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The presidents of the Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)  and the Panhellenic Council have been working on planning future events at KSC.

The IFC and the Panhellenic Council are planning to work together more closely this year. Oliva Ploof, president of the Panhellenic Council, said,  “[Collaboration] is something we’ve moved away from in the past. A lot of the things we want to do are a team effort to try and unify as much as possible as we can.” 

Upcoming events include a kickball game scheduled for September 24. The two organizations will be involving all of KSC fraternity and sorority life to play the game, it will be mixed teams of both fraternity and sorority members.

The IFC and Panhellenic Council will also be working on Day of Clarity on November 3, an annual event about mental health awareness on a date to be announced. 

Deacon Cormier, president of IFC, said, “It’s a day highlighting mental health awareness. There’s going to be stickers and fun events. It hasn’t all been announced yet because they’re still figuring it out, but it’s looking really good this year.”

As for recruitment, plans are in the works. Cormier said, “We are running our formal recruitment. The IFC planned the events from [September] 19 through the 21. An info night and a round robin, so they have a chance to meet every Fraternity.” They also plan to do a formal bid day celebration, which has not been done in recent years due to COVID-19.

The sororities on campus are having their informal recruitment this semester. With an informal recruitment it allows sororities to have give out bids throughout the semester. Ploof said they are trying something new this year by letting the sororities plan their own events with little Panhellenic involvement. 

However, the Panhellenic Council will be making sure every organization follows the rules and regulations for recruitment. “It’s really nice because if a potential new member is really interested in a sorority, they can pick and choose the nights they want to go to and pick and choose the sororities they want to visit,” said Ploof. “This is an opportunity for our sororities to expand themselves and step outside of their comfort zone.” 

Brandon Carta, Student Center Programs Coordinator, said that the fraternities and sororities on campus will be involved in multiple risk management programs this year to help combat hazing, alcohol violations and sexual violence. “Student Involvement has been working with campus partners, athletics, folks from Community Standards, folks from the Wellness Center, and Title IX to come up with a slate of risk programs,” said Carta. One of these programs includes the Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP), a national program that teaches students how to drink responsibly. Carta mentioned that 75 percent of all fraternity and sorority life is required to attend the ASTP program 

They are also focusing on leadership development programs. 

Carta noted COVID-19 capacity restrictions stalled the ability to do risk management and leadership development programs.

Recruitment for fraternities is from September 19 through the 26. Recruitment for Sororities is up to each individual sorority to when they hold it.

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