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Campus Safety publishes crime, fire stats

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Campus Safety released the college’s Clery Report containing Keene State’s college crime statistics from 2021.

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act) is a federal statute requiring all colleges and universities participating in federal financial aid programs to maintain and disclose information related to campus security issues.

Keene’s main campus reported seven on-campus rape reports, with six occurring on-campus in residence halls. The college also reported three on-campus residence hall cases of fondling.

KSC reported zero cases of domestic violence, one case of dating violence on-campus within a residence hall and two cases of stalking on-campus.

The law also requires the school to disclose referral and arrest statistics. A disciplinary referral is defined as “the referral of any person to any official who initiates a disciplinary action of which a record is established, and which may result in the imposition of a sanction.”

The report notes that when a student has been referred for disciplinary action for violations of drug and liquor offenses during a single incident, the drug offense is deemed more severe, and is the only offense that is counted.

Keene State reported one case of weapons possession on-campus and within a student residence facility. For drug-related violations, the college reported 153 total on-campus violations, with 130 occurring in a residence hall.

For liquor law violations, the college reported 391 on-campus violations, with 381 being reported out of residence halls. Previously, the college reported 270 total violations in 2020 and 276 in 2019.

The Clery Report also discloses arrests by law enforcement made with jurisdiction on or around Keene State property. Arrests include both custodial arrests and issuance of summonses to appear in criminal court.

No arrests were reported in 2021 for weapons possession or drug-related violations, however nine on- campus arrests were reported for liquor law violations, with two occurring in residence halls. A total of 21 arrests were reported on public property.

The college also reported four fires, one occurring in Pondside 3, and three occurring in Carle Hall, with one resulting in property damage between $100 and $299.

The law requires colleges to publish an annual security report by October 1 of every year containing the previous three calendar years of campus crime and fire statistics, also known as the “Clery report.”

Every year, Campus Safety makes a “reasonable and good faith effort to request, retrieve, and compile crime, arrest and disciplinary referral statistics as required by the Jeanne Clery Act,” KSC’s report states.

The statistics are obtained from Campus Safety incident reports, Community Standards, Keene Police Department and other law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over Keene State College.

Reportable Clery crime data received from these agencies who responded to the requests are included in the data tables contained in the report, however not all agencies responded to the requests for crime statistics.

“‘Reported crimes’ are allegations of crimes reported in good faith. These crimes do not have to be investigated or adjudicated in order to count as a reported crime statistic,” according to the report. The Clery Act also requires Keene State to maintain a public daily crime log that records all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents.

Hard copies of the report can be obtained at the Campus Safety Office on Wyman Way.

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