Members of KSC’s A capella group Chock Full O’ Notes performed in the Mabel Brown Room Sunday afternoon
Photo Credit: Soren Frantz

Chock Full O’ Notes (CFON), Keene State’s only a cappella group, performed their annual spring concert on May 2 in the Mabel Brown Room.

This was the second time that the group was able to return to the stage in over a year. CFON was unable to meet as a group for the entirety of the last academic year because of COVID-19. After losing membership over the course of that year due to graduating seniors, student transfers and other reasons, the group had to start almost from scratch this year.

“It was really hard for us to go from 100 to zero,” CFON Vice President Dominic Lynch said. “So getting it back up was very difficult because we couldn’t sing for a year. When we first got back, [performing] wasn’t allowed because it was considered unsafe still… So we just couldn’t do it.”

CFON performed their first concert since the start of the pandemic in December 2021. For their spring concert, Chock Full O’ Notes performed a mix of old and new arrangements. The set consisted of well-known pop hits from Adele, Hozier, Coldplay and more. 

To celebrate the final concert for the group’s graduating seniors, CFON performed “Chasing Robbers,” a medley of “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol and “Robbers” by The 1975. The medley was the first song that the now-seniors learned with the group as first-years, so they decided to perform it again “for nostalgic purposes,” Music Director Samantha Ducharme said.

At the end of the concert, the three seniors- Ducharme, CFON President Daniel Brierley and Kelsey Pease- were presented with flowers and a framed photo taken from the group’s final rehearsal of the year.

The group opened the performance with “Falling” by LEON, arranged by Ducharme. The song was also featured in the group’s fall concert.

“That seems to have been a favorite for most of the year,” Ducharme said.

CFON also performed an arrangement of “Movement” by Hozier, arranged by Ducharme and Co-music Director Camden Bubblo. Bubblo also served as the song’s lead soloist.

The arrangement was based on Hozier’s recording of “Movement” for Spotify Studios, which slightly differs from the original album recording. Ducharme said this provided added opportunities to experiment. 

“It gave us a lot more to play with in terms of making an arrangement,” Ducharme said.

Lynch noted “Movement” as a favorite among the group. “It’s a very unique song that is unlike what we’ve normally done,” Lynch said.

Also included in the program was Adele’s “Right as Rain”, Billie Eilish’s “Bored” and “Natural” by Imagine Dragons. The songs featured solos by junior Katie Rochette, first-year Hap Ingram and Ducharme, respectively.

Ducharme’s Coldplay medley was also performed, featuring hits such as “Yellow”, “Fix You” and “The Scientist.”

Graduating this spring, Brierley is leaving the group after being a member for the past four years. “I’ve been in the group for four years. So my entire time here at Keene, it’s kind of interwoven with my experience here. So it is kind of sad, but I’m happy knowing that we built the group back after a kind of dark year with COVID, and it’s with a group of people that I really think are going to do an amazing job,” Brierley said.

Ducharme shared similar thoughts as she prepared to part ways with the group, “I’m also happy that this past semester, we were able to really get going on what feels normal… It’s just been such an awesome experience. And I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a musician being in this group.”


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