The National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) one-year transfer rule change has brought a whole new aspect to college basketball. 

Keene State is a part of the NCAA and this rule will affect our future teams. The owls could see whole teams of new transfer students. 

The Division I Council approved of a one-time transfer for all college athletes without the need to sit out; this means any year can potentially be a rebuild for any team. The most drastic example of this is the 2021- 2022 Louisiana State University roster, as LSU lost all 13 of their players. 11 of the 13 players entered the transfer portal and the other two, Darius Days and Tari Eason, both declared for the National Basketball Association (NBA) draft. 

The rule change to the transfer portal has given players much more freedom to choose a situation that favors them more. This has made the transfer portal become much like the NBA free agency, where players get to choose where they will play. The situation occurring at LSU is important because, after a first round elimination in the NCAA Tournament by Iowa State, the program chose to fire men’s basketball coach Will Wade; LSU chose Matt McMahon from Murray State. This is significant because a change in coaching staff can mean a change in playing time, practice and opportunity for these players.  

Additionally, recruiting has changed; being able to bring on an established player in the transfer portal with no repercussions has made recruiting much different. Every year, coaches will need to convince their players to stay with their team. Smaller Division I teams, such as Saint Peter’s, will have little hope of holding onto a breakout star; the chance of Division II and III teams holding onto one is even slimmer. After Saint Peter’s historic dream run in this year’s March Madness, where they got all the way to the Elite 8, they lost a fan favorite, Dough Edert, who transferred to Bryant University. 

Bigger colleges still have a risk of losing their best players, such as Brandon Murray, who was a top-100 recruit in 2021. Murray was on the LSU team mentioned before, but, with Wade out, he looks to spend his remaining years elsewhere. 

There are over 1,000 college basketball players currently in the transfer portal, and some serious program changers are up for grab; Devin Carter from South Carolina, who averaged 9.0 points, 3.8 rebounds and 1.8 assists in his lone season with the Gamecocks. Carter is one of the better players in the portal. South Carolina’s inability to make March Madness is why Carter is transferring. 

The transfer rule combined with the one and done rule has caused college basketball teams to cycle through completely new teams every year. Seeing familiar faces is now rare in college basketball. The transfer portal is no longer about development and more about making a team that will win next year. This will affect highschool athletes because every team will be looking into the transfer portal before they recruit highschoolers. Obviously, the highest ranked highschoolers will still be high priority, but two and three stars could potentially fall to Division II and III programs. 

The NCAA has made many changes in the past few years, from players being able to use their image, name and likeness, to this rule change we just covered. Some people think it’s for the better of college sports; others disagree. What do you think? 


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