KSC Goalie Chase Chamberlin poses for a portrait at the Owl Athletic Complex in Keene.
Photo Credit: Soren Frantz

Senior men’s lacrosse goalkeeper Chase Chamberlin got his start in lacrosse due to common interest within his family.

“My grandfather and dad both played lacrosse at the collegiate level, so it has always been in the family. I started playing in second grade and I just fell in love with the sport,” he said.

Chamberlin has been named the recipient of the Little East Conference (LEC) “Goalkeeper of the Week” for the third consecutive week.

As well as being the recipient of this honor, Chamberlain is currently playing for the last season and will be saying goodbye to being an Owl very soon. Chamberlin will be graduating in May with a degree in Secondary Education and Math.

Chamberlin decided he wanted to compete as an Owl because of the potential within the environment. Chamberlin said he takes challenges and turns them into something positive and that has helped him progress as a player and a person. 

“Keene State has been challenging in all aspects of my life. It has allowed me to think differently, be curious, challenge myself physically and meet some amazing people who want me to succeed. As a player, I have been challenged every day in practice with some talented teammates and the best competition,” he said. 

When asked what keeps him motivated, Chamberlin said, “Thinking about my opponents work[ing] harder than me motivates me to work as hard as I possibly can to be as successful.”

Chamberlin added, “My family is my biggest supporter with how they listen to me and the time they spend on helping me achieve my goals on and off the field.”

Chamberlin said he has learned a lot as an Owl, but he has learned the most about how to be a better person every day. “I have learned that listening is vastly important in the world and I have learned that being mindful and in the moment will create a better life for me. I have learned that mistakes are learning opportunities and, without a mistake, there is no place to learn,” he said.  

Graduate student and captain Paxton Blanchard said that Chamberlin is a life force on the team. “Chase brings an attitude that is light and funny when we are in the locker room or outside of practice, but the second his helmet goes on he is all business and everyone knows it’s time to work. One of the phrases he loves to say before our games is ‘it’s a business trip fellas,’” Blanchard said. 

Blanchard said he hopes to see Chamberlin continue to progress after he leaves Keene State. “I hope Chase continues to move on the upward climb that he is on. He is one of the best goalies I have had the pleasure to share the field with, and I hope he secures a spot on the LEC First Team when it is all said and done because he absolutely deserves it,” Blanchard said. 

Blanchard said he is confident that Chamberlin has become the person he hoped he would be. “I don’t need to hope Chase has learned anything. He is a great leader, role model and teammate. If anything, he has only learned to be even better at all of those,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard continued, “He will go on to become a great teacher and inspire the younger generation to achieve anything they set their minds to.” 

Head coach Mark Theriault said that Chamberlin is a bright light on the team. “Chase brings a calm, understanding leadership to the team.  He looks at things very practically, but also holds everyone accountable,” Theriault said. 

Theriault also mentioned Chamberlin’s consistent work ethic and evolution both as a player and an individual. “Chase has always had very strong values and work ethic throughout his college career. It has been wonderful to see him grow as a player and, more importantly, as a young man. His maturity and kindness has been evident throughout his time at Keene,” said Theriault. 

If they had to describe Chamberlin in one word, both Theriault and Blanchard would choose only the most positive words. “Dependable. Chase is very consistent and always one that will follow through, regardless of the task, both in and off the field,” said Theriault.  

Similarly, Blanchard described Chamberlin as caring. “If one of the guys on the team is going through a rough time, he is always one of the first to reach out to them to see if there is anything he can do to help,” Blanchard said.

After playing alongside Chamberlin for the past four years, Blanchard said their friendship helped him improve both as a player and as a person. “Without my relationship with Chase, I would not have been the same player or person I am today. I still remember setting goals as a [first-year] that we wanted to achieve by the time we finished at Keene and we certainly have achieved some of them,” Blanchard said. 

Blanchard said that their friendship will continue past the walls of Keene State. “I am going to miss walking onto the field with him every day, but I know that our tight friendship will not end once we leave Keene,” said Blanchard. 

As a senior, as well as receiving “Goalkeeper of the Week”, Chamberlin has been named to the All-LEC Second Team and the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. 


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