KSC students donate blood

Junior Lucy McGrade donating blood in the flag room of the student center. The American Red Cross came to KSC to help students donate blood. Photo credit: Kayla Barrett / Photo Editor

The American Red Cross came to Keene State to host a blood drive in the Student Center on April 14.

Patrice Shaw, team leader for the blood drive from the American Red Cross, said she hoped to collect 28 units of blood, but at the end of the day, they came close and collected about 20. According to the registration sheet, around 43 students, faculty and staff registered to donate blood to the American Red Cross.

Shaw said, “We’ve been doing this for years; the college students have always been forthcoming about the blood drive.” She mentioned that in her 28 years of working for the American Red Cross, she has come to KSC at least twice per year.

Junior Jeremy Koutroubas said he wants to become a regular donator at blood drives. “I came here to donate blood just because I think it’s a good thing to do. I donated blood earlier in the semester and just [kind of want to] make it something that I do every now and then,” said Koutroubas.

Kotroubas added, “Donating blood is important because of all the different blood types and how certain people can have this blood type, can’t use this blood type. It’s very specific, so making sure that everybody is able to get their own special blood type because it’s really important and I [want to] try and help in any way I can with that.”

Junior Emma Walker came to donate blood for the second time. “I just thought it was something nice to do,” said Walker.

The American Red Cross is experiencing a blood shortage, with a 10% decline in overall blood donation since 2020, according to the American Red Cross website. There was also a 62% decline in high school and college blood drives, the website mentioned. Walker said donating blood is important because of this need for blood. She said, “I think it’s important to donate because of COVID and stuff happening. Hospitals probably need more blood now.”

KSC’s Community Service Club helped with the Blood Drive. “We do a lot of volunteer events in the community of Keene as well as on-campus, so [Jessica Gagne Cloutier] reached out to us knowing we have reliable members that like to help out around school, so we decided to help and volunteer,” said club President Sara Getchell.

Volunteers from the club were there during the whole drive, checking people in from 1-6 p.m. The club members made sure the people coming to donate blood were on their list and handed them grape juice and other snacks to help afterward, along with a t-shirt.

Shaw commented on the importance of donating blood, “The need for blood is always there, it’s very necessary to have the blood on the shelves. We try to keep a three-day supply, so every unit makes a big difference.”  


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